Steel Titans: Gods of War - The Latest News

Level 2
May 1, 2006
Dude i'm afraid to say that I'm pretty sure that you basically lost all the audience here considering that you changed games... not most people here have 40k...
Yea i should have VGSatomi delete this forum.. um.. Steel Titans died, this time probably for good, as with most projects, we just lacked the staff to do it, and we had 2 people running the show, with conflicting interests.. which made things even worse.

I would enjoy bringing this to Warcraft III, I mean hell its what the game was designed for in the first place, but Krim wants it for generals, and I want it for dawn of war now sadly, and neither are gonna happen.

One day maybe I'll pull out all these old sketches adn finish the game, or maybe bring them to some company and have them make it, but until then, it is dead.