Steam Faction

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God Engine Legion
I will use this thread for my Steam faction

Rifleman for the Steampunk Faction

Base model : Rifleman by @Asssssvi
Attachments : Helmet by @Blood Raven

Swordsman Hero of the SteamPunk Faction :D

Base model: Aedelas BlackmooreKing made by @Ujimasa Hojo

Inquisitor Hero and Techpriest, zealous servants of the Will of the God Engine
Base model: ElvenHighCleric by Elenai

Powerfull cavalry units of the Steam Legion

Base model: Warlord by Ujimasa Hojo

Base model:Necromancer by @Ujimasa Hojo

Update : Un-unshaded the materials
Re-textured some models.
Calculated the Extents

Give credits to them if you use the model!

Alchemist Hero (Model)

Alchemist Hero Icon (Icon)

Alchemist Unit (Model)

Alchemist Unit Icon (Icon)

Inquisitor (Model)

Inquisitor Icon (Icon)

InquisitorIcon Alter (Icon)

Inquisitor_Portrait (Model)

Steam Knight (Model)

Steam Knight Icon (Icon)

Steam Knight Portrait (Model)

Steam Rifleman (Model)

Steam Rifleman Icon (Icon)

Steam Rifleman Portrait (Model)

Steam Swordsman (Model)

Steam Swordsman Icon (Icon)

TechPriest (Model)

TechPriest Icon (Icon)

TechPriest_Portrait (Model)

Please fix the Unshaded parts. ;)
General Frank
Please fix the extents of most models. You can use this tool to check: Sanity Test