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  • Color animations in magos are modified in geoset anims. You need to know some math since they aren't in rgb normal. They in normalized bgr. Texture animations can be two things. One you changing the texture by an animated texture id in a material layer. The other is wrongly named in agos as texture animations. They are actualy texture vertices animations. For them you'll most likely just animate the translation. They just move the complete unwrap.
    be more specific, you want to do texture animations, scale animations and rotation animations or just want to know how to do it tvertex anims?
    '~' i didn't understand that..
    if you're trying to get feedback on the model, you should try the modelling forum and post a thread with the model there
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    (Bundle) Now this model is nice. But try to follow the mod's suggestions and I'm sure people will like it more. :)
    and except for those pipe thingies in the back too. I don't think you didn't do much changes to the model. It doesn't give that steam punk feel at all. I like the idea though.
    you want to make a geoset with separate texture for each side of the box? o_O

    well, mdlvis can do that with 'detach as new geoset' option, when you select one side
    then you just need to fix the textures by assigning each geoset to right material in model editor
    type m, it opens the material editor, select any in there, click the button "Standard" change it for Warcraft 3, click Ok. Select texture pick your image, then drag the material to your mesh.
    do you mean having one thing overlap the other?
    you simply add it in the material and see how it looks
    i can just say experiment :) and give an occasional idea. the rest is to you to imagine :)
    the earth lord thingie? sure

    well, what you need is to change his armor to something that that is suiting and contrasting at the same time, for example, dark earthy body should be contrasted with really light colored stone armor, or maybe even white marble. let a bit of your creativity pull you :p i for an example, haven't seen many people use the terrain tile textures that game has, for a model

    next thing you could do is to separate the body of the firelord into rock-like chunks, since, well.. rock isn't that 'fluid' as lava

    next.. might wanna remove the tint he has and tweak the particles so that they're earth-ish, instead of being still like from the firelord
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