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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Hive Workshop, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Hive Workshop

    Hive Workshop

    Neutral Passive

    Jun 30, 2016

    Welcome To The Hive Workshop

    Hello there!
    Here begins your stay at The Hive Workshop. This site consists of many moving parts, some more complex than others. With this thread you will be provided with nice to know information and what you should and shouldn't do.

    For now you should read the Site Rules. These rules apply to all parts of the site, so before you do anything else, it is important that you read them.


    The Hive revolves around a forum system. Each forum serves a specific purpose. A forum is a group of threads. A thread is a discussion with a specific topic. Along with the title and description of the forum may be a sticky thread about how you must behave in this forum. A sticky thread is a thread that is always shown in the top. It is important that you read this thread.
    When making a new thread it is very important that you make sure the thread topic fits within the chosen forum.


    Apart from forums, this site is also a download repository for your modding resource needs but also for publishing your own resources.

    The resources are split between two types of games. Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2. Read the rules relevant to your submission.

    Warcraft 3

    The site has many resource sections (or repositories). Users can submit their resources to the different sections. Common for all sections is this set of rules:
    General Resource Rules

    You must also understand the rules for the chosen section. Here are the rules for each section:
    Map Submission Rules
    Model Submission Rules
    Icon Submission Rules
    Spell Submission Rules
    Skin Submission Rules
    Tool Submission Rules
    Pack Submission Rules

    Starcraft 2

    All resource submissions are in a single thread linked below:
    Starcraft Submission Rules


    The pastebin is a great place to store temporary files or text formatted as BBcode. A pastebin entry is protected with a random link which is private unless you share the link with somebody.
    Pastebin entries must be in accordance with the site rules, but this is mostly relevant when sharing a paste.
    If storing files in the pastebin, especially if the paste is permanent, please delete the files if they're not needed anymore. If they are linked from a thread, they can always be considered needed as the link in the thread will suddenly be broken if the file is deleted. Do what you can not to waste valuable server space.


    The site also has a live chat room where users can interact with each other. The chat has no specific topic as long as the Site Rules are followed.

    Contacting the Staff

    If you need to contact a moderator, administrator or Ralle himself there are many different ways for you to do it. The following page can help you decide which way is right for you:
    Contact Information

    Have you read all the information you need to get started? Good job! :grin:
    You are now ready to participate in the Hive. Good luck!
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