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!!!Starcraft Maps Projects Seeking Modellers!!!!

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Jan 1, 2005
Hi im night_wolveX, the creator of my own Starcraft 3D Conversion maps for Warcraft III The Frozen Throne. I am seeking a Modeller and Skinner to create the remaining Starcraft models and skins i need for my maps.

Theme Description:
Starcraft is a futuristic space war game, as the military leader for your species, you must gather the resources you need to train and expand your forces and lead them to victory.

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The massive success of Starcraft today has inspired me to recreate the game with my maps but include new features, ranging from new units and abilities to the new 3D enviroment the maps are designed on. These new features have created another type of exciting Starcraft game and the interests by fans is growing.

Prerequisites are:
- Someone who knows how to make good quality models and skins for Warcraft III
- Someone who has played Starcraft and has an interests in the game
- Must be committed

As i have been the only person working on this project i dont have the skills to create these models effectively myself, so i seek the expertise of someone interested enough to help me finish this project.

The Model Needed List:
For Terran -
Terran Goliath, Terran Science Vessel, Terran Ghost, Terran Science Facility, Terran ComSat Station, Terran Covert Ops, Terran physics Lab

For Zerg -
Zerg Scourage, Zerg Queen, Zerg Guardian, Zerg Defiler, Zerg infested Terran, Zerg Devourer, Zerg Hive, Zerg Greater Spire, Zerg Defiler Mound, Zerg Queens Nest, Zerg Nidus Cancal

For Protoss -
Protoss Observer, Protoss High Templer, Protoss Dark Templer, Protoss Archon, Protoss Arbitor, Protoss Dark Archon, Protoss Cosiar, Protoss Robotics Support Bay, Protoss Observatory, Protoss Fleet Beacon, Protoss Arbitor Tribunal, Protoss Templer Archived

If u are interested please msg me and we can discuss what models need to be done, there will be no deadlines or time limits on model completion.

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