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Summary of Needed Starcraft Models

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Aug 20, 2005
Since there is almost every StarCraft model known to man (and more) on this site and other sites I thought I would make a request for someone to make models for the missing units/buildings. With the numerous StarCraft maps out there it is a shame that they don't have all the models. Since there are a few models missing I thought I would make a list of missing models and models that exist but need improvement. I would be greatly appreciative if a great modeler could step up to this task.

Models That Don't Exist
Terran Ghost
Terran Science Vessel
Vulture Spider Mine
Terran Comsat Station
Terran Control Tower
Terran Covert Ops
Terran Physics Lab
Zerg Broodling
Infested Terran
Zerg Queen
Zerg Devourer
Infested Command Center
Zerg Nydus Canal
Zerg Defiler Mound
Zerg Greater Spire
Protoss Corsair
Protoss High Templar
Protoss Observery
Protoss Fleet Beacon
Protoss Arbiter Tribunal

Models That Exist But Need Work
Terran Dropship
Zerg Scourge
Terran Firebat (anims)
Zerg Drone
Zerg Lurker attack projectile
Protoss Scarab (Protoss Reaver's Attack Projectile
Protoss Archon (Fix Orbiting Particles {Think Electrons})
Protoss Dark Archon (Add Orbiting Particles {Think Electrons})

The list is long but someone can make these models then maybe someone (Like me) can create a StarCraft 2 for Warcraft III

P.S. I can give people links for the models that currently exist
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Aug 20, 2005
To Pandamanana: I used search it came up with no responses, I don't think I used it right. If you want to post other SC model request posts go ahead i would like to see them.

To Werewulf: The site you posted for the Project Revolution is awesome. I read on their site that when its done (lets hope its not very long) that they will release their models to the public. Even though thats a nice site we don't know how long its going to take so I think the request is still valid.

To Mechanical Man: Sorry I dont know how to skin, though I can get direct ripped sprites from StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War and send you pictures so it is easier to understand what the models should look like.*

*Note it is not possible to use these sprites as a Warcraft III Model as they are 2D pictures
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