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Starcraft 2 War3HD Demoness (3 colors)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Warcraft 3 HD Demoness from Starcraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment:

This pack includes:
- Red
- Blue
- Green (yes, I know there wasn't one originally, but it is in SC2's files)

This is an older port from years ago, probably with warts and all (I did a cursory attempt at porting it anew, but it didn't really look that much different than before so I didn't bother). It's in a lot better condition than most of the other early SC2 ports I have.

Yes, she attacks with actual swords instead of the top of her wings like the original model. And yes, she does look kind of silly with her wings that low on her body, but it is what it is (personally I have versions with wings in the appropriate place, but that isn't the original, so here we are. The bone that controls the height of the wings is something I put on this model so it is easily controllable).

The included Portraits are optional, but are more along the lines of the original version than the built-in one (they don't use the same bones).

Demoness Blue (Model)

Demoness Blue Portrait (Model)

Demoness Green (Model)

Demoness Green Portrait (Model)

Demoness Red (Model)

Demoness Red Portrait (Model)

Level 17
Dec 24, 2018
interesting theres almost all stracraft wc3 demons, but no others creeps and heroes only main for humans, undeads, orcs and night elfs, but is good always to see HD wc3 models 8D