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Star Wars: Rebel Trooper

Based on HerrDave's models.

A few Rebel Alliance Trooper, inspired by the troopers from Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

I also linked a Blaster missile which is derived from this resource: Shots Vol. II by Vinz

I may have used models/textures made by Syczewski which were already based on HerrDave, I spent a lot of time looking at his models, that's for sure.

Made a non-TC version closer to the uniform seen in the movies.
Spent 0 effort on icons (no inspiration).

Recruit :
  • Y: 50
  • Z: 75
Trooper :
  • X: 20
  • Y: 35
  • Z: 75
Repeater :
  • X: 10
  • Y: 80
  • Z: 40

The body texture is ripped from Star Wars: Empire at War.
The leg & helmet geoset, were ripped from the rebel infantry unit from the same game, I like the pant pocket geometry.

7/13/2024: 1.1, Added small footprint, collision sphere, fixed repeater visible geoset in decay bone animation

Blaster missile (Model)

Rebel Recruit (Model)

Rebel Recruit (Icon)

Rebel Recruit TC (Model)

Rebel Repeater (Model)

Rebel Repeater (Icon)

Rebel Repeater TC (Model)

Rebel Trooper (Model)

Rebel Trooper (Icon)

Rebel Trooper TC (Model)

A well-done rabble of rebel scum. Good job. Changes made, approved!
Not my kinda thing, but you really nailed it, especially the skin/model.

I noticed in the previews that the laser blast goes off at some weird times, maybe just need to fix the emission rate or visibility?
Happened during death animation, and also portrait (probably can't see it then tho anyway).
I see what you mean, however, I didn't encounter the same issue in the game and the sanity tester doesn't give any error, so I assume it's just the hive viewer that may have a few hiccups?

Update: I figured out why the viewer has the laser blast, it's a small mistake on my part but it's not visible in-game so not sure I'll bother correcting it.
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