SpringWater Harbour

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Springwater Harbour

Created by Z.ky

Special thanks to Ken-E


Another melee map, based on an Ashenvale/submerged ruins tileset, designed for 2n2 / FFA games.

There are:
-8 expansion mines
-2 Shops
-4 Mana Fountains
-1 Health Fountain
-2 Taverns
-2 Markets
-2 Mercenary Camps


Some Screenshots:




Please rate and suggestions are welcome.



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Spring, Water, Isle, Isles, Fountain, Melee, ffa.

SpringWater Harbour (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Aug/31 16:31:21 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment: [Approved] Staff Contact - Rules
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Apr 5, 2009
Full Review Emerges!

Okay so I've done my homework. The map was pretty great! The doodads are naturally abundant, fog and other effects works like a charm. Although you should be aware that your map isn't classified as a melee because that you've touch something on the doodads/triggers/object editor, I understand this is needed to make some of your decorations to work but that really is something bothers any skirmish player. I would go and import custom environment skins if I would continue to make this a custom-ed skinned melee game like sonofjay did, but otherwise I would reset them to default. Also, your map is a bit assymetric in a bad way, I have no big criticism in this but be sure that creeps are equally distributed for the forces, I'd avoid setting them into random and their placement should atleast symmetric to another's location. By doing so, you can make this map an FFA balanced giving us players more freedom on choosing game types. Also I would also suggest not to use the 'Noise' tool, it makes your terrain uneven and ugly, easily remedied by 'Smooth' tool however.

Just a few more notes though, the starting locations are rather small and very tight but not really a problem. I'd reduce cluttered trees over the map if I were you but otherwise its a good sense of having someone getting ambushed.

Overall I love this map and I definetly say that you upload your map along with the improvement. If you do so, I'd be happy to vouch it by pasting my review on your map once its released on the map section.
4/5 from me!
I am very confident that the map has improved more or less! It's really a great experience for any melee player.
Level 3
Aug 24, 2012
It's a very good map. I played it and I really liked the great number of neutrals. The terrain is very OK, at least from my point of view, because I like grassy terrains (I play with night elves).
Thanks for the map !



Community Development Manager
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Aug 3, 2004
Beautiful terrain. You captured a feeling of random "spread" well.

-I would be careful to make the tree distribution less grid-like by using shift when placing them so pathing maps overlap.
-The lighting effect is nice, but overused. I would make is less dense and restrict it to neutral locations.
-Neutral shops/creeps, gold mines, and starting locations need to be a symmetrical layout for balance reasons. A simple way to accomplish this is to use the grid - large display, and measure.
-Fountains are a powerful unit. I would consider sticking with a single fountain in the center.
-Some of the coral around the perimeter is floating.
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Jul 21, 2013
Just want to say that this map is awesome. I add a dozen games played on it so far, +1 official league game. This is a wonder of a 4 ways ffa maps :
- 2 expos per players
- expos are vulnerable
- creeps are well spread, i love the creep camp in mid.
- cannot mass tower
- and the map is really nice
Overall this map creates aggressive/entertaining ffa games.

I link the official game we had on our hive map tournament today. There were great players in it :

Thank you for your great work and I hope to see more melee maps from you! :D