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  • this is the function to detect the winner in a game so the bots van extract statitics from it
    We are more active than ever folks. We have our own website for a while and the best players around come and play with us. if you wanna say hi, we have quite a busy chatbox and normalice has become very popular helping us with many updates we needed.

    btw if one of you knows how to implement w3mmd statistics on maps, i am reqdy to pay for the work!
    Good day to you!
    Any chance we would be able to see any competition from your league. Hope you come back visit us in Melee Nation and Hive :>
    Well there is my inactive altered melee map, EchoStorm, stop working in for a while. Also I'm doing a Beetle Island WC2 map remake which I mess up when I overly experimented on the terrain and I was really looking forward for a Warcraft reboot, in my own terms.
    I updated the map again. I tested it and I think this time its going to be fine, anyway, if same item drops occur on different creeps, note that this is completely coincidental...
    Thanks man :)
    Guess i shouldn't update my maps since it will wipe all the replays sadly :(
    Maybe i could attach the replay version when updating
    Your tournament is quite nice and always interesting. I have quite a lot of projects for FFA maps, but sadly i don't have the motivation nor the time to finish them. Hopefully i will be able to complete something soon. :p
    When you have units on follow they have two modes: moving to get to you, or waiting for you to get out of range so they can revert back to the first mode. If you mass teleport, use a waygate, town portal, blink, or anything of the like while they are in the 'second' mode, they stop following you. This is true of all maps, and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it, because it is a programming bug that is beyond my reach. Only blizzard can fix it :-/

    However, it is also true that this map kind of draws out this bug a bit more than most maps, due to the long running distance but short flying distance to the waygates.

    The only possible way to 'cut down' on it is to stack boots of speed, so that your flying units spend more time in that first mode, and thus are more likely to be in it when your hero hits the waygate. Additionally, you could 'waypoint' the waygates on all of your unit-making buildings, forcing them to take the long way - that 'could' help a little as well... But I'm afraid there just isn't anything I, or anyone except blizzard, can do about this...
    nice, always happy to see my maps in action :)
    By the way, may i join sometime as a spectator? Will love to be there life :D
    Oh, and you can see my unfinished projecects in the "My Melee Maps" album, but i have a few more that are in progress.
    Do let me know if you want any of them complete.
    Also may i have the replay? :p
    Tested the map again, and yeah, it seems a lot of creeps tend to drop frost orbs too. Anyway, I will be fixing it, again.

    I'll try to tone down item drops on orange creep camps. So basically you'll get level 7-8 items on red ones.
    Alright, I updated it. I don't 'really' like the updates, but mostly because I'm not sure how well they will function. If it doesn't work to take some of the pressure off the red/blue camps and put more on the camps on the ends, i'm just going to have to move some starting locations.
    hm. Interesting. It still needs work, though :-/

    I have one final idea before I resort to moving the bases.

    btw, have you looked at Ascension at all?
    Finally uploaded the new version, I took the liberty to change plenty of terrain and rebalanced creep camps along the way. I really had an epic battle with an AI when we clashed on the center. ^^

    Anyway, please let me know what you think about it. Personally, I did my best to present a fresher feel for the map, I hope you like it
    oh, i just updated it. But to tell you directly: I changed the creeps at the north and south gold mines from Red (golems) to green. I'm hoping this will encourage yellow/orange and pink/green to fight each other, instead of picking on red/blue. Additionally, I separated the cliff between the inner yellow-creep mines and the goblin shops. This will hopefully give red and blue some added space, if they decide to expand there.

    If it doesn't work I'm just going to have to move the top and bottom bases further from each other. I'd rather not do that, but if I must then I will.

    Also, I updated Rift. I took your suggestions almost exactly - the only deviation from them is I put 8 taverns near the bases, instead of in them. The terrain around the waygates should already be mostly unbuildable, but i patched a few holes anyway..
    Well the sad thing is the Bot ping limit is to low for mine. I have about a 500ping. I dont lagg out or anything just a littl wait between comands. I cant join the bot cuz i get kicked for high ping :( which makes me sad :( is there anyway to fix this?
    i watched it. they didn't really leave any feedback beyond "this sucks," which doesn't really tell me anything. I was kind of hoping the people who tested it would know the dangers of letting someone with good "position luck" get too comfortable, but alas...

    Anyway, it was sort of clear what was wrong with it. I have some ideas, though :-D
    All my maps were made for the few people who follows me on this site and some personal friends. Never really hit my mind of making maps to be played competitively online. I'll give it some thoughts.
    If I get motivated enough. I always make small melee map because I only have a very few friend who plays melee to play with.
    Omg omg omg which sever do you guys play on? and how can i join these FFa tournys :D ??? HOW!!?!?!?! XD
    I uploaded Prism, which is an 8-player FFA map. If you have time, your feedback would be very appreciated :-D
    yeah, middle creeps are supposed to take their toll - but they potentially drop two tomes of power so it's worth it :-D

    I just removed the top and bottom positions altogether. It is now a 4-player map only. But, I am working on two 8-player maps (one that looks bad but plays well, and another that's probably going to end up being the opposite..), if that's any consolation..

    I checked those middle mines. The pathing was clear. Was it possible someone had a shade parked there or something?
    Yeah, just wondering that your name means "Ugric" and it's written in perfect finnish so just thought I'd ask.
    that was actually a pretty good game - apart from the noobs.

    I should probably change the tileset, though. Kind of hard to see what's going on at times..
    Are you sure you checked the right map? It has the same filename as the version before
    now it has different creeps, item drops, 15000 gold on main goldmines, and added 100 trees to each player
    Good day to you!
    I am very happy that there are alot of people that are playing people since nowadays WC 3 is ruled by AoS maps such as DotA and other maps alike.

    Also, I am very honored for playing my map and I would be glad to watch the replay please, do share it to me. :)
    I am currently making WC 2 remake maps, also, will be fixing a lot of things on my map pretty soon!
    wow 8 players map!
    was it an old project or you managed to do it recently?
    gonna check that!
    thanks for your message, it is really motivating on making new maps!
    I'm really glad to know that you enjoy my map, and watching the replay you
    were talking about would be really nice, if you don't mind sending it to me.
    at the moment I'm finishing a map, might be useful as a ffa map, I'm sending it to
    you in the next days, if you want to give a look at it (you are not forced to play it, of course)
    However, thankyou again, really glad to know my maps are played)
    oh, it was just a passing fancy. I don't expect I'll ever see it played. But I will point out that the starting mines have ample gold in them, and there are nearby (non-zeppelin) expansions available as well. The zeppelin expansions are really only there because I wanted to put some more creeps in, and had nothing for them to guard.

    Unfortunately, I don't have skype.. certainly count me in for playing it this weekend, though. Just give me a rough idea of when and I'll try to be there.

    Oh, also, I don't suppose you know anyone who hosts 1v1 games? I have a ton of maps I haven't been able to test with live players..
    I want harshness - don't apologize. I'll take feedback any way I can get it.

    The map was really designed as a 4v4 map, but I thought that it could work as a FFA map. Perhaps I was mistaken.

    also, I don't know if I told you but I played a couple games hosted by your FFA bot. It is great actually being able to find FFA games!

    And this may be too forward/self-serving, but I would like to see Heirarchy played. However, it is not an FFA map in the strictest sense of the word: it is a 3v3v3v3 map, which is kind-of an FFA? I don't know if you'd be up for that sort of thing though..
    Sure, you have my permission to change any aesthetic aspect of the map without my permission. :) I think i went really too hard on the fog :D
    I'm happy you like the maps, and that tournament seems really nice, i might join up sometime as spectator or something :D
    And yes, i have several ffa map projects, but i'm kinda lazy to finish them
    Here's my latest one.
    Oh, can you send me the replay from dalaran if possible? :)
    Thanks for notifying me of that tournament, i am happy to see that my map is used for tournaments :p
    Feel free to use any of my other maps as well. Have a nice day :)
    PS. Cloak of Shadows ftw xD
    Yes I dont need to talk about aesthetics and symetry. It is very important but you guys do it very well. I would not consider and ugly map, even if it was perfectly balanced.
    I see the admins here they do very good review on the quality of maps.

    At the moment i have a game on bot running on frozen deeps. PLayers are a mixed bag of bad and good players but you will see it being played. I commented my opinion in the replay at start about what I liked about it. Ill give you the replay link when game is over

    Friend request ok, I dunno how to do that though
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