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spellbook in buildings

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Level 2
Mar 5, 2008

i got a problem with an Tavern.

For my map i got about 20 heros but i dont want to set more taverns than 1 to choose a hero (like in dota, footies or something).
So i had the idea to place Spellbooks into a Tavern.

First of all - Thank you for the answers so far.
I think Spellbook is the right thing.

Now i got a Tavern with 3 skills:
Spellbook called Buy Int-Hero
Spellbook called Buy Agi-Hero
Spellbook called Buy Str-Hero

My question is: How can i insert Heros to this "Spellbooks" and how can i make it possible to buy them throught these "Spellbooks"?
Level 10
Jan 28, 2009
Make a spell for each hero and place in spellbook, make the tooltip of the spell like a train hero tooltip would look.
Now make a trigger - if player cast spell create hero at location for triggering player.

Im not sure that its going to be 100% possible. You would have to make the tavern a unused player and share control with all players. Its kinda sketchy but in theory seems like it would work.
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