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Spell Request: Multi Fury

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Level 10
Mar 19, 2010
I need this spell as a ultimate for one of my unrevealed map, Earthmother's Warth(reveled now :p).

Multi Fury:
*5 level
*single unit target
*ground enemy only
*Not MUI/MPI require, just require to be lagless.
The Hero charges towards target, upon reach it stuns it for 5 seconds.

Then the Hero starts creating illusions at it's position, illusions created are moves around the target and finally becomes a walls of illusions surrounds the target over 2 seconds. During the creation of illusion wall the caster and target are paused but vulnerable to attack, but caster grants 95% evasion.

After that all illusions including caster attacks target, dealing X damage and the caster are unpaused(evasion are removed at this time), target remain stunned for the coming 3 sec(this is from the first stun effect). If caster's next hit lands on the target while it's still stunned, it will creates addition illusions from 8 directions, charging towards target, each dealing Y damage upon impact. This also instant dispells the stun effect.

Illusion wall slowly fades over 3 seconds after their attack. Which means they will completely disappear the time target's stun expires.

Finally, on cast checks a boolean named HAV_Active. If it's true, the illusion wall creation will be done in 1 second and the last hit cause target to be knocked up in the air over 2 seconds, taking Z damage upon impact on ground and if not, no addition effect is applied.

I attached a picture showing the movement.

Spell Picture 1.png

Eye-candy: On the first charge, caster leave trails behind him.

On the illusions charge, also leave trails behind them

Addition requirement: The illusions please use a dummy unit of that hero's model instead of a real illusion.

I'd really need this spell for my hero in the map, credit and +rep will be given and Thanks in advance.
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