[Spell Request] - A Few God Spells.

Level 13
Apr 15, 2008
I've got four heroes and no time to make spells.
I'll introduce them to you and I'll hope you can make some spell for 'em.
The map name will probably be changed but for now it is: "How to become a God."
They all get a name if I made some more progress.
And don't mind if they're a bit overpower =]


1# God of War

A God that has the most strenght, and has the highest damage.
He likes 3 things... Weapons, his Pet and WAR.


2# Naga God

The God of the Naga's.
Would be cool if some of his spells has to do something with water.
Don't have much to say 'bout this one.


3# God of Light

I know... it looks like an Angel but he isn't.
He's just... promoted or sumthing.
The fitting theme would be Holy.

NOTICE: Please no Ressurect shizz... Cuz you don't have any units to resurect...


4# Dragon God

I would like as ultimate some kind of dragon storm/transformation.
And the theme is... I guess ice.
It would be cool if he had somekind of summon spell like "Feral Spirit"...


Need more details? Tell meh.
You'll get credits and if you want anything moar, just tell.
I was thinking about 4~6 abilities.
All heroes needz one kind of passive/Aura.


NOTE: This is also posted on HordeStudio, I will choose the best spells but I'll give every spell maker credits!
Also I would maybe create a special place with the "Rejected" spells to let the people look how they also could be.