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The God of War

Level 2
Apr 16, 2009

This is Ares the God of War from the PS2 game God of War i am Going to make God Of war for Warcraft three with a multilayer twist as you can most likely guess i need a Model of Him and since i have no skill with modeling I will need someone to do it for me =/

1.I need to look Like him so you can look at him in the game and go Yup that'
s the God of war i don't expect it to be just like him just to be recognizable

Unneeded things

If you can could you Make an attack animation So he hits them with the sword 2 times then on the 3rd attack he attacks with one of his Sword Tentacles(cut slash stab i don't care) and when he crits he stabs him with both of his Sword Tentacles

The little i know about Modeling i am going to guess this will be hard to make So thank you very much if you do this for me ^^
Level 1
Dec 15, 2008
There is a Model of Kratos On warcraft unlimited that I posted in the Models from elsewhere section you shoul check it out