Spell Progress

Level 8
Jul 18, 2005
Im re-working all the spells now. Yes I am serious.
Also on a spell learning system.

There are 3 different systems used + 1 external function.
These are:
  • BonusMod
  • SimError
  • CSCache
  • CSSafety
these are listed in the order they are imported into custom script.

And here's a list of completed spells:

- = Warrior = -
- Heroic Strike
- Blood Fury
- Battle Shout
- Rend
- Charge
- Thunder Clap
- Hamstring
- Bloodrage
- Sunder Armor
- Taunt
- Demoralizing Shout
- Mocking Blow

- = Priest = -
- Power Word: Fortitude
- Divine Spirit
- Mind Control
- Circle of Healing
- Mind Flay

DL link: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=21626&stc=1&d=1209706870



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Level 8
Jul 18, 2005
Im porting over CSCache currently and a new BonusMod system right now. I can't progress till I have them mainly because HandleVars had became.... useless for future spell storage (espec storing data on Units) and negative bonuses

Till then spell progress is sightly delayed with these new systems life will become easier.

Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
Av3n's Spell Map

Av3n's spell map. I requested he give it to me before he ends up deleting it or something, so here it is. Saitek009, if its not too much to ask, please implement them as well as the rest of the stuff on your To Do List. I'd hate to keep you pressured, but like I said, there's no rush to working on this, so just pace yourself otherwise you'll end up like Av3n and leave us. :'(



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