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Spell - Circle of the Dead

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Level 10
Aug 11, 2009
Hi, I've started creating a map, it will be an AoS with some special features in it :)

So I have a Hero which has a powerful channeled spell, the weakness of it is that if the target runs out of range its useless. So I want the Hero to have another spell, Circle of the Dead. And here I need help :)

Spell description:
Caster creates zombies around him, 500 range from him, trapping nearby enemies within this circle. The zombies should last for 10 seconds, and stand still, but attacks enemies who comes within attack range of them. A trapped enemy will only have a few choices: wait 10 seconds, kill a zombie to get out, or if the Hero has a blink ability or something to get out.

Would be awesome if you can make this spell work with 3 ranks, each rank increasing the strength of the zombies.

I'm sure this could be useful for other people aswell, and I thank you for any help I can get :)

A + is if you can make it in GUI as I have no knowledge at all of VJass and also make it easy to change which unit spawns around the caster :)
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