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I need some spell's

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Level 12
Apr 26, 2008
Hi my name is NightBrowler, but my friends call me NB ... so practically i want some one who can do this spells for me i need them as fastes as you can make them, i will give +rep to the one who helps me.

Spell 1: Mega Rejatsu

it throws all enemys in the casting units range(range= 400 AOE) away they should fly away like being tossed away and it shouldn't make any damage.

Spell 2: Quincy Counter Attack

here is a video because i can't explain that spell

from 2:38 till 3:46 (the blue circle liek thing... that then explodes)

Spell 3:Baboon king kannon

Video explains everything

summons a unit(the dragon i have the model) before the caster then play attack animation of unit(dragon) then pause the unit at the point he attack and create a red ball and some red sfx around it then it shoot at the enemy and explodes when it hits the target damage= str x 14

Spell 4:Lightning bash

add some lightning sfx at the right hand of the caster and then the caster moves fast towards the enemy unit and then bashes the unit away(knocks back range = 500) at the moment the casters attacks the target unit (bashes away create some lightning sfx at the position of the target unit.

Spell 5: God of flash

create many illusions that vanishes slowly in 0.70 seconds like the caster moves very fast (the caster move every fast around the target unit of spell being used in an AOE of 500) then after 5 seconds the caster appears before the enemy unit and (play castars spell animation) makes damage agi x 8.


Thanks in advice NightBrowler.:thumbs_up:
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