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Apr 24, 2020
Jun 21, 2009

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Apr 24, 2020
    1. Amigurumi
      don't know, sry. Haven't tested it yet. But westwood doesn't exist anymore, so I think, Westwood online is not available.
    2. Amigurumi
      yes, it's a great game.
    3. Amigurumi
      I see, you can play it now? :P
    4. Amigurumi
      1. download the files (music,movies,dialog)
      2. extract them on the desktop
      3. put them into your nox folder
      4. play it :P
    5. Amigurumi
      do you have vista?
      If yes, did you extract the files in the zip file on the desktop?
    6. Amigurumi
      sry, accedently copied your link adress before pasting it in.
      here is the right adress: http://www.noxforum.net/index.php?topic=3160.0
      just download it from normal download, not mirror.
      after it, download music, dialog and movies.
    7. Inuyasha546
      Huh? You gave me a link of my own profile page? XD I think thats the wrong link :)
    8. Amigurumi
    9. Inuyasha546
      Its alright but I really have no clue how to use JASS. The only thing I know is how to make the first lesson in the Tut :)

      I mean if you can be a bit more specific than usual :D its fine
    10. krisserz
      I`ll probadly make my spell in JASS. Is it a big problem if I tell you just what to edit to set dmg/other things?
    11. Inuyasha546
      hmm okay I guess ill see what people come up with :)
    12. Miaow567
      if you want - School just started again for me so I wont be able to do much work on anything..
    13. Inuyasha546
      Okay yeah when i first though of it I figured if it WERE possible it be like epic hard = / should i open a new thread 2 see if someone else will give it a crack?
    14. Miaow567
      thats a rather tricky spell... like really really tricky
    15. Miaow567
      with your mgic missiles do you want them to home onto the target?
    16. RED BARON
      No problem... Check the tread :wink:
    17. Miaow567
      If the problems with the Fist of Judgement keep up you could possibley email your map to me and ill have a look at why it wont work...

      I understand if you dont want your work being stolen, but I wont steal - my gaurantee
    18. Inuyasha546
      lol yeah after i tested i saw that the timing was to slow and dmg 2 high xD hehe ty man your new assignment awaits!
    19. Miaow567
      I have finished the spell you can see it on the request page.
      But might I recomend that you change "Force of Nature Damage" timer to 0.125 seconds and change the damage Real(intelligence of FoN Caster) x 0.25.

      It would make it run much smoother but might overdo the special effects, I only did as you asked!

      And of course if you need anything else in the GUI Department you know who to ask :)
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