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  • don't know, sry. Haven't tested it yet. But westwood doesn't exist anymore, so I think, Westwood online is not available.
    1. download the files (music,movies,dialog)
    2. extract them on the desktop
    3. put them into your nox folder
    4. play it :p
    Its alright but I really have no clue how to use JASS. The only thing I know is how to make the first lesson in the Tut :)

    I mean if you can be a bit more specific than usual :D its fine
    I`ll probadly make my spell in JASS. Is it a big problem if I tell you just what to edit to set dmg/other things?
    if you want - School just started again for me so I wont be able to do much work on anything..
    Okay yeah when i first though of it I figured if it WERE possible it be like epic hard = / should i open a new thread 2 see if someone else will give it a crack?
    If the problems with the Fist of Judgement keep up you could possibley email your map to me and ill have a look at why it wont work...

    I understand if you dont want your work being stolen, but I wont steal - my gaurantee
    lol yeah after i tested i saw that the timing was to slow and dmg 2 high xD hehe ty man your new assignment awaits!
    I have finished the spell you can see it on the request page.
    But might I recomend that you change "Force of Nature Damage" timer to 0.125 seconds and change the damage Real(intelligence of FoN Caster) x 0.25.

    It would make it run much smoother but might overdo the special effects, I only did as you asked!

    And of course if you need anything else in the GUI Department you know who to ask :)
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