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I need a Locust Swarm spell

Level 4
Jul 22, 2010
Hey guys, I need a spell exactly like the Locust Swarm, but I dont need the life recovering in the end and the most important, I want to each locust damage the enemy for 1/4 of caster intelligence.

ps1: the spell must be MUI (MPI atleast) since one hero per player

Thanks in advance

8 locusts lasting 4 secs, they must move around the hero in an area of 400-600
anyone that gets within a range of 30 of any locust, will take a damage exactly 1/4 of caster intelligence
Level 6
Aug 4, 2012
Set a variable for your hero like:

  • Events: A unit starts the effect of an ability
  • Conditions: Ability being cast equal to YourLocustAbility
  • Actions: set udg_VarHero = GetSpellAbilityUnit
Then make another trigger:

  • Events: A unit is attacked
  • Conditions: Owner of attacking unit equal to owner of VarHero
  • Actions: Unit - Cause attacking unit to damage attacked unit dealing intelligence of VarHero of type whatever you like type what ever you like.
Note: Just make sure that your locust unit has it's attack damage point and cast backs set to 0.0, so when the trigger starts, the timing on the attack and the damage will be exactly the same.
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Level 2
Nov 20, 2012
Hi Im a noob. where can i go to ask someone about a problem when importing models im just getting shadows and cant click on it. and the map says the file cant be found. can you point me in the right derection plz? thankyou sry for the annoyance