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[General] Special effect question

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Level 4
Dec 16, 2013
sorry for my english, i have a easy problem (probably) but it's kinda confusing

  • b Arthas Copy Copy
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • (Ability being cast) Equal to 1 catwoman
    • Actions
      • Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within 250.00 of (Position of (Casting unit))) and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
            • If - Conditions
              • ((Picked unit) belongs to an enemy of (Owner of (Casting unit))) Equal to True
            • Then - Actions
              • Unit - Cause (Casting unit) to damage (Picked unit), dealing 500.00 damage of attack type Spells and damage type Normal
              • Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the chest of (Picked unit) using Abilities\Spells\Other\Stampede\StampedeMissileDeath.mdl
            • Else - Actions
as you can see, the special effect will start whenever an enemy is close to the caster.
but i want to make like this:

Special effect will only start to non invulnerable units only, so the player will know if the ability hits them or not
by non invulnerable mean like this:
The effect will not start, if the enemy has:
-magic immune
-invulnerable (like skill 2 arthas)

Thanks and how?

Deleted member 242951


Deleted member 242951

in the unit group extend it to "matching level of invulnerable (neutral) for picked unit equal to zero and unit has Divine Shield buff equal to false"
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