[Sound Set] Anduin Wrynn

I have ported sound files of Anduin from Heroes of the Storm and I intend to use them for a custom sound set in Warcraft III: Reforged. I intend to bring Anduin Wrynn to the game unofficially, not following the game's lore but just for fun. They are mastered and enhanced by yours truly. This is for personal use only, and download for the files is not yet available in your country.

Apparently, YouTube compressed the hell out of my video's audio.

I have uploaded a brand new version of Anduin's sound set--optimized properly. The old version sounded ear-piercing which you can listen to with the video embedded above. I won't be updating the video because these new tracks are just mastered differently, and some are just rerecorded of the same lines.


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· Sourced from Heroes of the Storm
· Voiced by Josh Keaton
· Enhanced by Camden Miles
· Softwares used
- Audacity®
- Pazera Free Audio Extractor
- foobar2000
- Adobe Audition

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Update--and low-key bump--about the download for the sound set of our little lion character. AnduinDeath.flac does not contain a death sound effect yet like the other death sound files in the game (i.e. generic dead body drop). I can't add a sound effect to match the death animation for there is no model of Anduin that I want this sound set to complement. Sorry, Zaffar, but I do love the model you made of him.