Sorority Hall/Keep/Castle

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Main building and resource point for the Sisterhood, trains Laboresses and can upgrade to Backpack and Laud Hailers to increase damage nearby units.

Consists of 3 tiers:
- Sorority Hall
- Sorority Keep
- Sorority Castle

Take a lot of hardwork, trial and error, and ingenuity between the mixed buildings of High Elf, Dalaran, and Lordaeron architecture, as well as the animation.

Thus, can be useful for my custom campaign in the future.

Update on 03/21/23: Team colored.

Sorority Castle (Model)

Sorority Castle Portrait (Model)

Sorority Castle Icon (Icon)

Sorority Keep (Model)

Sorority Keep Portrait (Model)

Sorority Keep Icon (Icon)

Sorority Hall (Model)

Sorority Hall Portrait (Model)

Sorority Hall Icon (Icon)

Level 12
Jun 12, 2012
I genuinely like the concept of this castle and using of dalaranian doodads but I'm not sure about this style mixing: it looks unnatural. Of course, lore-wise your Sisterhood is a mixed culture but you could try to find one uniform style for this model - and the Sisterhood at all.
Besides, as you add towers in tier 2 and 3, wouldn't you try to connect them with walls to make your base protected?
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I agree with @Reflex , it looks a bit off, specially the 2nd tier. Since you are going for circular structures, maybe a circular structure would look better than the humanoid house.
Tier 1 and tier 3 look better, but they still need more cohesion; make the towers connected, for example, and change the roof (tier 3) so it's teamcoloured like the rest
Level 11
Jul 20, 2022
Hmm what happen with the Sorority Keep, is like out of place with the hall and the castle. The center dome was like replace by a church or a different building 🤔.