Sonic The Hedgehog

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This my sonic model that I made for my campaign some time ago, well my campaign is dead now so im releasing the models from it :D

model by:modler2
skin by:Dan Van Ohllus
animations by:Ice

Please do not redistribute or edit this resource without my permission.

This model is for hiveworkshop only if you see this model on any other site please tell me.

sonic, sega, hedgehog, mobius

Sonic The Hedgehog (Model)

12:45, 2nd Nov 2008 Pyritie: Animations are kinda meh. They need some work. WalkFast should be renamed to Walk Fast (you need a space). The main problem with this though is that the poly count is FAR too high. Lower it to about 1000 or so. 7th Nov...
Level 4
Jul 7, 2008
Ok the model is great the texture is very well done the model looks absolutely gorges.
Its just that in my opinion the animations in general are not very good.
The death is a little plain but ok.
The decay seems a little fast but good.
The morph could show him moving into the ball a little more but is ok.
I don't even get the spell channel
The first stand is absolutely dull.
The second is so jumpy.
And the third is just like the first except worse.
The stand victory is just plain boxy.
The walk is ok could use more work but is ok.
And the Walk Fast is horrid hes just looks like hes laying on the ground kicking
and last of all No attack anim he may not have an attack in his games but hes in WC3 now He Needs To Attack.

But that's just my opinion and i love how DVO used the texture marvelous.

Level 2
Feb 5, 2005
5/5 so it don't have an attack animation? big deal, you got a high quality model of sonic, which means you cant have everything can you? :D anyway great ill give credit to the creator when i use it in my map.