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Sonic The Hedgehog Models

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Level 2
May 7, 2006
I have tried countless times to make models but i have no idea what im doing i didnt want to ask or beg but i would like Sonic the hedgehog models for my map.

I dont really care if this is ignore as becuase i can make do with units in the world editor but it would look much nicer if there were models.

Basicly all i need is

1.Sonic Model
2.Tails Model
3.Knuckles Model
4.Chaos Model
5.Dr.Robotnik Model

if some one would be as so kind to complete this request i will be very grateful. All the credit will go to you for creating the model i will give you the map as proof i credited you.
Level 4
Apr 13, 2006
DO SONIC MODELS PLEASE! I know I know he is fast but there is a lot of ppl asking for them Please! We want:
Sonic, Knuckles, (just doing sonic we can change skin to shadow or silver) Eggman, Tails, Chaos would be cool, Some Espio Vector and Charmy as well as mighty.
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