So I come back to this place after 60 quadrillion years...

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Jul 24, 2009
...and you guys are still using all these.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

Anyways, I missed this place. It was like a stepping stone to the amazing world of INTERNEEEEET I know today, also a place where I learned that saying "You suck dick" to a random people on an online forum gets you banned. Being 12 is a thing I won't miss for a long time. Oh, all the horrid, barely finished maps I uploaded on here and actually wondered why they were all rejected.

Shoutout to dead-man-walking who was a massive bro during the majority of my ordeal here.

I also felt that I needed a break from /v/ and 4chan in general for now. Seriously, if anyone reading this has played Planescape Torment, then I've found the answer to "What can change the nature of a man". It's fucking 4chan. I'm like a different person ever since I started visiting that cesspool that keeps dragging me back into it.

At least it made me stop spamming "xD"-s with every sentence I type

Presuming you are actually still reading by now, I wanted to ask if the modding community for WC3 is still going strong as it did some time ago. I see a fuckton of maps, models and spells here, so I guess that's still a thing, then. Also please recommend me a good new campaign or a long-ass singleplayer map, because I'm dying to get back to WC3 in some way.

Ah well, that's as much as I can muster at this time. Hope you're all well. I see the brony population has settled down a bit (or hiding in the shadows, if ponies are considered predatory beings). Add narrat0r on Steam if you feel like playing games with me (but why would you, really?).

Attack on Titan is overrated, go watch Gurren Lagann.

Love you all. <3
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Jul 24, 2009
Getter Robo.

Getter Robo only has better manga.
The anime is still stomped by TTGL.
This is an objective fact

Welcome back! :grin:

You probably have seen this one pop out too:

Hai there Orcnet, I sure as hell remember you.
Nah, just felt like coming back to this place where I got so many fond memories.

Hai and welcome back.
Glad you also remember about the brony community lingering here.:ogre_hurrhurr:

I'll never forget the day when I said I'm a brony after watching 3 episodes of the show and then regretting it the day after. Note I haven't ever watched past episode 3, nor do I plan to.
What the hell was I even thinking




Hello and Welcome back to the Hive. :)
I'm new here since I was registered on March 2013. :p


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Jul 29, 2008
Huh. Joined about the same time (ish) as me... Do I know you?

Anyway, funny you should mention "Attack on Titan"; someone at one of my jobs was suggesting that. Random.

Also, Wc3 Modding is totally alive... At least, as alive as we make it. I've been increasingly impressed, however, with how many crazy-awexome resources are coming out. Heart of Storms, the Vrykul, Modelling Contests... It's all great. Do you have any modding talents/desires? Check mah sig, yo. :p

4Chan is, as you say, the armpit-styled cesspool of the sewage tank of the Pit of Despair of the Internet. Good on ya for leaving, man.

We Bronies are merely waiting until the 23rd of November. :p


Welcome back.