Snail demon judge

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Morakie made an amazing icon, go get it
...when wake up damp in yard
and find a court of snails in session 'round your head
they call you guilty of no friends, no thoughts, no purpose, point or use
and you, you dolt, concur with weeping penance
"ooh, don't hurt me, mr. snail..."
can be used as a hero or unit
there's a few alternate animations for hiding in his shell
includes missile and effect for spell throw

23.08.2021 update: Animation - Lock Body-Part Facing should work correctly now

Snail demon judge (Model)

Spell Book Throw Missile (Model)

Spell Book Throw Target (Model)

General Frank
A very creative and well made custom model. Good animations and use of in-game textures all around. Works in the game and performs well. Great job.
Level 21
Feb 27, 2015
that's pretty cool and definitely unique, although should it not have an alternate death animation?
yeah i thought about it, but then i looked at how units that burrow don't have alternate deaths and decided not to bother with it either
you work on a model long enough and you start hating it, you just want to be done with it and forget about it, and i guess model quality suffers because of it, there's less animations
No wonder cases take too long.
he's heard all these slow jokes before and he's not impressed