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"SlashandSlice" project's spell request

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Level 3
Feb 15, 2010
So hi everyone i need 4 skills :) if someone can make it it would be perfect

1st. Slash (hotkey a)
lvl1 : 1dmg Cd: 0.75 sec
lvl2 2dmg Cd; 0.70
lvl3 3dmg Cd: 0.65
lvl4 4dmg Cd: 0.60

Description: simple samurai slash then you click a it slashes in front of you about 100 aoe wide and 175 lenght in front

2nd. upper Slash (s)
lvl1: 2 dmg Cd: 1.25
lvl2: 3 dmg Cd: 1.20
lvl3: 4 dmg Cd: 1.05
lvl4: 5 dmg Cd: 1.00

description: simple samurai upper slash then you click s it slashes in front of you about 50 aoe wide and in front length 250

Dash: dash (D)

lvl1: 200 units in front Cd: 3.50
Lvl2: 250 units in front Cd: 3.40
Lvl3: 300 units in front Cd: 3.20
Lvl4 400 units in front Cd: 3.00

Description: dash very fast, you can see it but it have to be like 0.60 sec dash at all level's and then in dash mode he gets 20% procents more dmg

So my felow makers if you make this then i will talk about later creation!

P.S sorry for bad english
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