Level 15
Sep 17, 2010

I would like to reguest 3 spells at a price of 1 Rep.

Spell #1
Name Dead Blast
ToolTip The Death Walker hits an enemy with a dark spell and gives 10% of the damage to the surrounding allied units.
Description Well, the hero attack the enemy with a spell, would be cool with some dark effect. And gives 10% of the damage to surrounding allied units. If there is 3 allied units nearby, every one of the gets 33.3% of the 10% that means 3.3% per unit. But if 1 of the 3 units has full health it only divides to the 2 units. 50% and 50% so its 5%.

Spell #2
Name Blood mutation
Tooltip Crazed orc gains 3x hero level health every spell level and 1% of health regeneration every 5 seconds.
Description Well Every spell level the orc gets 3x hero level. (example is lvl 3 orc gets 18 bonus health and 2% health regeneration from level 2 spell)

Spell #3
Name Spiritual Power
Tooltip The orc gains 2% of his mana to damage per spell level.
Description Please check above.