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  • I had refixed the trigger,you can go back the thread and check with the bug that will recasting spell.
    Use Pastebin
    And after you've attached the map into Pastebin, right-click the link and click copy link address and paste in my PM
    Gotta be pro. JK.
    tags. Find the bb code list here on the forums. It's somewhere.
    That isn't the one I was looking for sorry. It is all wrong. Three planes, not dropping bombs horizontally. :/
    Before posting a complete (not alpha not beta, but the COMPLETE/FINAL version of it) test map or system trigger in the Spell Workshop Thread, PLEASE send me the map first into my PM.
    This is to make the thread runs smoothly as I can update the first post and put the DONE and UNDONE spell/system trigger.
    However, you CAN post the map on that thread to make some deal with requester, maybe he don't want that thing, remove this, change that, bla bla.
    BUT, if the map is satisfied, PLEASE post it through my PM.
    Your cooperation is much needed
    Thank you for listening ;D
    You have been accepted to my Spell Workshop Thread
    Hope you can give us a cooperation ;D
    Let's beat down those nasty requests ;D
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