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Simple Spell Request

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Level 6
Apr 18, 2009
1)Spell Name: Absorb Energy

2) Spell Tooltip: The Arcane Guardian absorbs all negative energy from the units surrounding it and converts it into mana.

3)Spell Description: when caster casts spell, all negative buffs in a 400 range surrounding him are dispelled. The caster gains 25 mana for each buff dispelled.

4)Extra stuff: i would prefer it in GUI so i can further edit it for balancing purposes. A small but noticeable sfx would be welcome. The spell should only have 1 level: its a unit spell.

Thank you.
  • Set AE_Group[AE_Index2] = (Units within 400.00 of (Position of AE_Caster[AE_Index2]) matching ((((Matching unit) belongs to an enemy of (Owner of AE_Caster[AE_Index2])) Equal to True) and ((Mana of (Matching unit)) Greater than or equal to 1.00)))
  • Set AE_CasterPoint[AE_Index2] = (Position of AE_Caster[AE_Index2])
Why do you set the position of the caster in a variable after the unit group? Set it before and use that variable to define the units within 400 range location.
You don't need to index the location,
  • Set AE_CasterPoint = (Position of (Triggering unit))
is fine. You are removing it in the same trigger anyway, meaning you are not using it afterwards, so I don't see why it should be indexed.

You don't have to use two pseudo Timer1 and Timer2 variables. Just use one with a value of e.g. 10 and then every second in the loop, set it to -1 and check if the Timer1 variable is greater than 0. If it is, do the actions, else reset index, etc.
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