Skeleton Fire Warior Mage

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Some shizle I made from scratch in ms3d, rigged in mdlvis to footman;s bones. Give credits when used.

OPTIMIZED: From 127kb to 71!

demon, arch, fire, undead, skeleton, armored

Skeleton Fire Warior Mage (Model)

10:07, 12th Apr 2008 General Frank: Model works ingame and performs well.
Jesus Holy Fuck HT. This is liquid awesome. Only recommendation, as said above, make the weapons on fire too.

How the hell did you optimize it that much? It can't just be geoset merges is it?

You just have to know LOTS about .mdl code to do this, what you can edit without losing quality, then using squisher. Anyway, The mesh is 100% scratch made, however, I DID use wc3 skeleton head as reference. I didnt want to set weapons on fire, because they are not part of his body, and it is his body that is supposed to flame. I know it makes very little sense, but that is just the way I wanted to do it xP
Level 14
Mar 27, 2008

great model skins textures and animations 5/5 and also i was wondering i need a modeler for my upcoming campaign and i was wondering if you would be interested in helping the campaign is called chronicles of sasuke, i needed a model of suigetsu and that other girl cause i already have shippuden sasuke regular sasuke and regular naruto models. So if you want to just message me my MSN is [email protected]
HT, he's right :p Remember that each particle is really a billboarded plane (in a sense), thus being 2 polys. Your mesh is fine, but the particles could cause lag.

I thought he was reffering to mesh :p
But yea, particles could cause lag IF:
You look at the model from ten milimters
You put thousand of those on the screen at ONCE
Level 7
Mar 13, 2008
Sweet, love the flames.
There are quite a lot of good models on hive, but most of them have particles i dislike, however this IS AWESOME!!!
Nice job man! There aren't much models like this!
Level 3
Jul 11, 2006
it's to good too be true! T_T I promised myself I wouldn't cry....

decent file size and EXTREMELY useful! 5/5
it serves my needs. :D
Level 2
May 23, 2008
AWESOME MODEL if I was to make this model i would have put a flaming orb on the staff. but this nice. this is off the chart 6/5
Level 4
Sep 15, 2008
i really like it :D, i'll use it in my campagin, only one detail, this unit haves only one attack animation and a bash animation, 2 attack animation will be awesome 4/5
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
omfg noob hand attachments appear on hand I want attachment points on weapons
n00b gtfo of hive