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Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.61b

Submitted by Bluegreen891
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Choose from 40 very unique heroes to defend against 60 epic waves of enemies.

Learn skills like Weaponcraft, Powercraft, Spellcraft, Capitalism and Wisdom.

Type "-random" to pick random heroes including the secret hero.
"-cam (number)" to change to a further camera view.
"-Kills" show kill count,
"-impossible" to play impossible difficulty.
"-count" to show number of enemies.
"-rate" to show exp rate of all players.
"-ms" to show movement speed.
"-size" to make enemies grow 2x ."-boom" to see for yourself.
"-t" to teleport back to the castle.

For Weather commands:
-weather snow, -weather rain, -weather wind, weather moonlight, -weather off

- (enable/disable hints) ; which will give hints randomly every minute. Disabled by default.

For Player 1 exclusive commands only:
"-kick (player number)" --- to kick a player
"-give gold/wood (value) (Player color) --- to give/reduce gold

-This map can play up to 6 players
-The castle can be upgraded with a key which cost 80 Diamonds
-There are over hundreds of Items to purchase
-Has 5 difficulties to choose from
-Bosses have custom spells
-Has Recipes for better and stronger items
-95% Custom Spells (triggered)
-Fun to play which keeps you entertain after playing several times
-Has secret events that gives extremely powerful items
-Has special tower that act as a hero
-You can manipulate wave spawn number (Player 1 only)
-You can also manipulate pre-wave timer (Player 1 only)
-Each hero has its own background story.

You can access the unprotected version of the map (can be found in author's note)
But the map link in hive is protected.

Hero Tower: This tower can level up and use items.
Diamond: Is a currency that is equivalent to 10000 golds.
Weather System: This system gives players commands to weathers (see commands at top)

Omega spell: each hero can learn his strongest spell, to learn it the hero has to reach level 30 and defeat the omega boss, paying 15000 gold to challenge him in the arena (Shop north-west corner)

CRAFTS: there are 5 crafts that you can increase with certain items or by leveling

->Weaponcraft (only for weaponcraft heroes): the more weaponcraft you have, the more damage your abilities do, and generally improve your abilities. Weaponcraft increases your strength by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Powercraft (only for powercraft heroes): the more powercraft you have, the more damage your spells do or just generally improve your spells. Powercraft increases your agility by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Spellcraft (only for spellcraft heroes): the more spellcraft you have, the more damage your spells do, the longer your summons last, or just in general improve your spells. Spellcraft increases your intelligence by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Capitalism gives you bonus gold after each wave, amount increases per wave, the more capitalism you have, the more gold you receive. Effects abilities for certain heroes.

->Wisdom gives you bonus exp after each wave, amount increases per wave, the more wisdom you have, the more experience you receive. Effects abilities for certain heroes. Effects abilities for certain heroes.

Personal Items: Each hero has a personal item that he/she can unlock; you need to get the item Personal Item unlocker and you will kill 100 units to unlock the personal item.

You can challenge 3 bosses: Fire Master, Plague King and Grand lich to gain diamond.

Or challenge the ??? boss if you are brave enough.

Strength Heroes

1: Trader: Capitalism Hero, money is his only drive. Can learn Money Hurts, Tome Shop, Economy and Bribe.

2: Weaponsmith: Weaponcraft Hero, makes weapons for a living, a tough nut to crack. Can learn Forge, Axe Smash, Weapon Aura and WeaponBomb.

3: Robot: Weaponcraft Hero, makes weapons for a living, a tough nut to crack. Can learn Forge, Axe Smash, Weapon Aura and WeaponBomb.

4: Paladin: spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, Very strong on early game but weakens as game progressed. Can learn Holy Lights, Mighty Hammer, Guardian of Justice, Early Guardian.

5: Tauren Chieftain: Weaponcraft Hero,has an earth based abilities. Can learn Earth Warriors, Earth Slam, Earth Fury and Earth Storm.

6: Demolition Expert: Weaponcraft Hero, loves exploding stuff. Can learn Proximity Mine, Boom Goes The Dynamite, Detonation Mine and KamiKaze.

7: Phoenix: Weaponcraft Hero. Can learn Sunbolt, Doom Flame, Flame Reaction and Hellfire Blast.

8: Naga Champion: Weaponcraft Hero, has the highest base strength and a elite attack. Can learn Thermal Eruption, Splash Strike, Double Tide, Whirlpool.

9: Death Knight: Weaponcraft and Spellcraft Hero. Can kill monsters using his dark powers. Can learn Life Destruction, Atrophy Aura, Pressure Armor, Soul Geyser.

10: God's Titan: Weaponcraft Hero. Can take a lot of beating. Can learn Titan's Call, Power Complex, Spiked Armor, Rebuild.

11: Vampire: Weaponcraft Hero. So bloody!!. Can learn Death Trigger, Death Ritual, Blood Thirst, Vampiric Immunity.

12: Life Manipulator: Powercraft Hero. Controlling your life.... Can learn Nature's Protection. Life Vortex, 42%, and Life Blast.

Agility Heroes

1: Beastmaster: Powercraft and spellcraft Hero, has the power to control his pet and lightning. Can learn Summon wolf, Chains of Lightning, Beast Aura and True Form.

2: Thief: Capitalism Hero, a real Robin Hood. Can learn Steal, Dynamite, Sneak & Strike and Robin Hood.

3: Blade: Weaponcraft Hero, has demonic powers and excellent skills with his blades. Can learn Flash, Raging Attack, Seeker Blade and Demon's Blade.

4: Assassin: Weaponcraft Hero, Swift and Stealthy. Can learn Assassin Strike, Jumping Slash, Fatal Strike and Last Breath.

5: Maiden: Weaponcraft Hero, expertises in poison and usage of kunai. Can learn Poison Daggers, Cursed Breath, Fans of Knives and Maiden's Dance.

6: Spider Queen: spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, has sticky attacks. Can learn Spider Swarm, Infest, Flee Swarm and Cocoon.

7: Archer: Weaponcraft Hero, master of the bow. Can learn Charging Arrow, Arrow Shield, Multishot and Rain of Arrows.

8: Elite Sniper: Weaponcraft Hero. super fragile but has chaos attack. Can learn Summon Bear, Deadly Shot, Shooting Area, Assassinations.

9: Pandaren Windmaster: Spellcraft Hero, has wind based abilities. Can learn Windcutter, Aerial Brawler, Cyclone Armor and Twister.

10: Nether Dragon: Spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, has poison based abilities. Can learn Poison Sting, Toxic Skin, Nethertoxin, Corrosion.

11: Time Berserker: Powercraft Hero, has time and speed based abilities. Can learn Frost Ball, Destruction Axe, Lifesteal Axe, Time Stop.

Intelligence Heroes

1: Fire Mage: spellcraft Hero, has fire based abilities. Can learn Fire Spray, Fire Bomb, Fire Mastery and Star Shower.

2: Gravity Mage: spellcraft Hero, has gravity based abilities. Can learn Pulsewave, Gravity Point, Evasion and Whirlpool.

3: Ice Mage: spellcraft Hero, has ice based abilities. Can learn Frozen Shield, Frost Wrath, Freeze in and Eternal Frost.

4: Necromancer: spellcraft Hero, expert in the dark arts. Can learn Skeleton Bomb, Mass Cripple, Undead Touch and Sacrificial Blow.

5: Druid: spellcraft Hero, has nature based attacks. Can Earth Vines, Mass Drain, Blossom and Tree of Eternity.

6: Tutor: Wisdom Hero, books are his life. Can learn Teach, Wisdom Aura, Throw Books and Forbidden Magic.

7: Mime: Wisdom Hero, expert in illusions. Can learn Invisible Box, Displacement, Illusive Clones and Despair Trap.

8: Battle Mage: Weaponcraft and spellcraft Hero, skilled in 2 crafts, he can take on anything. Can learn Enhance Weapon, Blood Chains, Battle Strike and Combo Breaker.

9: Hypnotist: spellcraft Hero, has psychic based abilities. Can learn Sweet Dreams, Mind Blast, Living Nightmare and Curse Mark.

10: Lightning Mage: spellcraft Hero, has lightning based abilities. Can learn Lightning Strike, Lightning Orbs, Link of Lightning and Recharge.

11: Elemental Mage: Spellcraft Hero, Has Ability to cast all the elements, Can Learn Fire Pentagram, Essence Aura, Water wave and Magic Star.

12: Shadow Master: Spellcraft hero. has shadow based abilities. Can learn Sigma Wave, Shadow Impulse, Presence of the Shadow lord, Shadow Element.

13: Greedy Knight: Capitalism Hero, can build lots of money. Can learn Transmute, Collect Taxes, Extreme Greed and Taunt of Greed.

14: Faerie Dragon: Spellcraft and Wisdom Hero. Can learn Vivacious Twist, Sphere of Destruction, Phase Shift, Faerie Blast.

15: Tower Engineer: Weaponcraft and Spellcraft Hero. Very skillful in building tower. Can learn Build Stone,Fire,Frost,Lightning.

16: Enlightened Wisp: Wisdom Hero. has unlocked the secrets of reality. Can learn Spiritual Blast, Spiritual Knowledge ,Experience Aura, Wisdom.

17: Fallen King of Void: Spellcraft Hero. has power that comes from the void. Can learn Dark Bolt, Dark Boom ,Dark Reaction, Dimensional Rift.

[​IMG] [​IMG]


Full Map Image


Fire Master Area


Warlock Shop Area



Change Log

Version 2.55-2.65

Version 2.55

-Fixed random mode stats giving to player 1 red
-Disabled vision on starting area
-Reworked Text message when choosing or randoming a hero
-Reworked Difficulty
***Will now give percentage attack damage by 0/20/40/60/80%.***
***Increased Handicap from 60/70/80/90/100 to 75/100/125/150/200%.***
***Will now give information about chosen difficulty.***
***Removed Base Damage Upgrade Difficulty***

-Nerfed Capitalism ; Reduced Gold Gained per wave by 30% and 50% Wave 31 onwards. (Capitalism x Wave Number x 0.70 / 0.50%)
-Increased Creep Bounty by Double the Original Amount.
-Fixed Exp Gained per wave after Wave 30 (Wisdom x Wave Number)
-Fixed 0 text in greater warlock's death message
-Final Boss turns into a short ranged unit using war stomp at every attack. (Will fix damage return instakill)
-Final Boss has now 90% Cleaving Attack.

Elite Sniper
-Added condition on deadly shot ; If his damage is greater than opponent's hp then it will deal no damage.
-Bear moving to boss area if he bought ticket is now fixed.
-He is now invulnerable for 3 seconds after buying ticket at Omega Boss

-Changed her craft to powercraft
-Her "E" Cursed Breath buffed
**10/20/30/40% Evasion to 25/50/75/100% Evasion.**
**Reduced Cooldown from 30 to 25 seconds.**
-Her Ultimate damage of summon added scaling 75 damage and 3% Attack speed per 100% Powercraft

Version 2.56

-Reworked Right Part of Wave Spawn adding Waterfalls with a Bridge.
-Reworked Northern Part of Wave Spawn adding Crystals With Nerves.
-Added Walls near Castle at every wave spawn directions.
-Increased Castle Size.
-Moved shops near castle a little further away.

Naga Champion
-Nerfed Double Tide damage from 300/600/900/1200 (250/500/750/100 in tooltip) to 150/300/450/600.
-Buffed Thermal Eruption damage from 125/250/375/500 to 175/350/575/700.
-Splash Strike Changes;
Cleaving: 25/45/65/85% to 20/40/60/80%
AoE: 150/200/250/300 to 400
Stun chance removed
Will now deal 400 AoE damage with 25% chance (Deals 50/100/150/200 x Weaponcraft)

Battle Mage
-Increased base attack time from 1.60 to 1.50
-Battle Strike Changes;
Cleaving: 20/40/60/80% to 40/60/80/100%
AoE: 100/150/200/250 to 150
Fireball Chance: 15% to 25% (40% if you have personal item)
Spellcraft Inc Chance: 5% to 25% (40% if you have personal item)
Fireball Stun: 1 second to 0.9 seconds

Gravity Mage
-Gravity Mage's Evasion replaced into Gravity Field (Giving an allied a chance stun shield)

-Change Tree of Eternity spell's model into a much better model (Based on DotA's World Tree ; whoever owns this model shall be credited)
-Tree of Eternity Changes:
**Devotion Aura Armor increase from 4/8 to 50/100
**Thorns Aura from 10/20% to 20/40%
**Unholy Aura Reworked (will now destroy 1% of non hero enemy's HP)
**Endurance Aura from 7/14% to 25/50%
**Duration from 30 x Spellcraft to 40 + (4 x Spellcraft) seconds
**Expiration timer of tree fixed
Personal Item Nerfed

Elite Sniper
-When attacked, he will lose 10% of his max hp. (10 or less hits now required before he dies)

Version 2.57

-Reworked Bottom Part of Wave Spawn.
-Fixed Greater Warlock's No damage Attack
-Added Greater Warlock's Hyper Madness (Berserk) {Max AS and 75% take less damage for 10 secs}
-When revived, you will now have full mana.
-Added Gamble Master near Level 5 Recipe (Greater Warlock).
-You will no longer gain attack speed per Agility (Before: 1% per Agi ; Warcraft Default: 2% per Agi)
****I would like it to make it a bit lower but it was impossible. Instead I did this***
-Added Attack Speed Bonus on High end Agility Items.
-Added Redshift Dagger (Godlike Item)
-Nerfed Wave Damage after wave 41

Elite Sniper
-When attacked, he will take 10x more damage.

Dark Fire Dragon
-Increased Size
-Lower Fly Height

Greater Warlock
-Reworked, When a cage is destroyed it will no longer spawn Ice Gods but instead it will now immidiately battle him spawning Warlocks.
-Changed Greater Warlock's Message

Absolute Zero
-Will now give 100% Magic Resistance instead of Spell Immunity
-Will no longer work on Final Boss or other Ancient Units
-Can now target Frost Armor on Self

Wave 10
-Paladin will now teleport instantly at the castle being invulnerable for 10 seconds.

Wave 20
-A scary lightning near the castle per second at random place that will probably kill you.

Wave 30
-Taurens stats nerfed
-Vice Warlord Washurum Extremely Buffed and will always attack first.
-Warlord Slightly buffed

Wave 40
-Revenant stats halved but given the the boss Absolute Zero (Global)

Wave 50
-Supreme Pit Lord Size Greatly increased
-Reduced Wave Spawn Number of Pit Lords
-The boss has now a 50% Resistance to all attacks

Final Boss
-Added A skill, Slams the Ground at your location and will instant kill you after 2 seconds. You just have to run when you see a doom effect on him.

(Breaks evasion and Magic Immunity)
-Blue Roar Added 25% Max Hp Damage (Breaks evasion and Magic Immunity)

Version 2.58 (UPDATED March 7, 2018)

- Added 3rd option at Dialog for 1st Player - Pre-Wave Timer (Slow, Normal, Fast)
- Fixed Few Collision errors
- Changes some wave comments
- The Enemy units may or will now attack the castle at the same time. (Wave Send Trigger)
- Castle Upgrade Gold Cost from 3000 to 2500
- Added 10 more levels for Castle Upgrades
- Divine Tower Heavy Buff
- All Godlike Items Diamond Cost from 300 to 275
- Wave 30 Fixed
- Flattened the Terrain of Omega Boss Area
- Increased Castle Room Key diamond price from 75 to 80
- Changed The Great Castle base HP from 100,000 to 120,000
- Changed The Great Castle base Armor from 500 to 1000
- Core of Existence (The Ultimate Item) now gives additional 160000 to all crafts

Shadow Master

- Changed voice from Varimatras to Kelthuzad Necro
- Replaced Nether Blast into Sigma Wave (Swapped Nether Blast and Wave of Darkness)

Space Darkness --> Space Creature
- Wave of Darkness Remove
- Added Dark Boom (Swapped from Shadow Master but with cooler sfx)

Time Berserker
-Destruction Axe
--- Added SFX based on Warstomp
--- Nerfed Damage from (250 x level) to (100 x level)
--- Buffed AoE from 125 to 250
--- Increased chance from 10% to 12%
-Lifesteal Axe
--- Fixed heal value from 1/2/3/4 x powercraft to 2/4/6/8 (as the tooltip says)
-Multiversal Call
--- Renamed Omega Skill from Counterpart's Aid to Multiversal Call
--- Changed Skill Icon
--- Changed illusion count from 2 to 9
--- Changed Cooldown from 300 to 60 seconds
--- Changed duration to from 50 to 6 seconds

--- When the Vampire dies, it will now set the countdown death timer to 10 seconds instead of reincarnating which fixes the death trigger damage.

Tauren Chieftain
--- Renamed Majestic Stone to Stone Of Aesthetic

-Fixed Tome of Crafts charges
-Create Diamond
--- increased gold requirement from 40,000 to 50,000
--- Decreased casting time from 3 to 1 seconds
--- When gold is not enough to cast, you will restore mana depending on manacost
--- It will also show warning text with gold requirement.
--- Will now spawn in front of Trader instead to inside trader.
-Added Command for him when picked; "-grq" to show gold requirement.

Elite Sniper
- Renamed Base Comfort to Sniper's Area
- Bear
--- Spell Hotkeys Fixed
--- War Stomp AoE increased from 250 to 300
- Tweaked Deadly Shot damage into Average of 8% of Max life and mana from 5% of life

Battle Mage
- All starting stats reduced by 1
- Base Damage increased by 10
- Battle Strike
--- Reduced Chance of Fireball From 25% to 15%
--- Fireball now deals 120/240/360/480 x Weaponcraft and Spellcraft instead of just Spellcraft and 100 x level.
- Combo Breaker
--- Increased Damage from 400/800 to 800/1600 x Spellcraft or Weaponcraft

--- Changed Wisdom Aura spell into The Tutor (Periodic Stat Up from Life Manipulator)
--- Added message for spell The Tutor

Life Manipulator
- Periodic Stat Up Removed
- 35%
--- Changed Spell 35% to 42%
--- Increased AoE of Spell to 700 from 600
--- Is now 3rd Skill as opposed to being an Ultimate
- Life Vortex
--- Fixed Spell only has half the effect the tooltip says.
--- Damage buffed to 80/160/240/320 x Powercraft (50/100/150/200 tooltip or 25/50/75/100 actual)
--- Heal buffed to 50/100/150/200 x Powercraft (20/40/60/80 tooltip or 10/20/30/40 actual)
- Added Ultimate Skill Life Blast
--- Deals 400/800/1200 x powercraft and heals 300/600/900 spellcraft with 40 seconds cooldown. Manacost Intensive.

Naga Champion
- Reduced Base Attack time to 2.00 from 1.8
- Reduced Base HP by 40
- Reduce Strength gain per level to 2.6 from 3
- Splash Strike
--- Removed Waterbolt
--- Replaced into addional damage based on 2% of hp and 25/50/75/100% weaponcraft
--- Nerfed AoE from 400 to 300

Wave 20
-Reduced damage from 125000 to 75% of Affected unit's hp (Can be reduced by magic resist)

Wave 50
-Changed Boss and units from Pitlords into Undead Apex and Variety of Undeads (Melee, Range, Siege)
-all units have spawn rate of 1 x Number of Players
-The boss gets stronger the lower his hp is (Same with Sniper's Bear)

Final Boss
-Ground Slam will now deal 65% of HP instead of Instant Kill

Version 2.59 ; UPDATED 8/30/2020

Biggest Changes:
- Finally a new and better looking loading screen has been created instead of the light blue loading screen that hurts my eyes! (New loading screen created using Clip Studio Paint)
- Semi-Fixed THE ANCIENT BUG, the auto create item when right clicking in a unit on specific area. (It still occurs randomly but it's a bit rarer compared to before)
- Added penalty to those who attacked or killed Omega Boss, and other Diamond Making Bosses. (The Arena Master will be angry.)
- Massive Overhaul on wave comments and enemy names. Made them more funnier. The Question is? Will it be funny?
- Fixed the Bear's Inner Vitality Skill causing Fatal Error when the bear was killed. (No more infamous Wave 20 Crash)
- The Lightning at Wave 20 will no longer damage summoned units
- Improved the text comments when the game has been lost. (There's a lot of it now.)
- Improved the Hints System there are 18 different hints that will be told and more will be added in the future.

Normal Changes:
- Fixed wave timer bug
- Updated the -boom Command
- Fire Master's Minion Projectile Attack Model Fixed (It was throwing water before lol)
- Wave 44 Voidwalker now has 80% Evasion (Instead of 100%) and HP increased to 20,000 from 15,000
- Flattened the Area around the castle to make certain spell effects more aligned and proper looking.

- Wave 5 Archer Nerfed
- Wave 16 Killer Ant rescaled critical strike from 3% for 10x damage to 1% for 100x damage
- Wave 26 Traitor rescaled critial strike from 4% for 25x damage to 2% for 100x damage
- Wave 42 Shadow Demon rescaled Critical Strike from 5% for 50x damage to 3% for 100x damage
- Wave 50 Undead Apex Boss Fixed the Skill which is not working and changed it into something... much more interesting XD (Took me a whole day to do it though... It's worth it!)

Wisp of Wisdom (Renamed into Enlightened Wisp)
- Reduced Level Requirement of Wisdom [R] from 50/100 to 20/50

Time Berserker
- Reduced Level Requirement of Time Stop [R] from 75/150 to 30/60
- He now has Elite Attack Type but takes 2x the damage.
- Base Attack Speed Reduced from 0.6 to 0.3
- AoE of Destruction Axe Reduced from 250 to 200
- Chance to Proc Destruction axe nerfed from 12% to 8%
- Lifesteal Axe improved from 2/4/6/8 x Powercraft to 3/6/9/12 x Powercraft
- Time Stop now has a random duration of 4 - 10 Seconds (Twice at Lv 2), instead of 8 and 16 seconds.

Elite Sniper
- Is now a Strength Hero
- The Deadly Shot Damage will now apply if the damage is greater than the targeted enemy. Attack type Changed to Chaos instead of Pure.
- Deadly Shot will now deal 25% of Damage to Enemies with 125 radius of the Target.
- Deadly Shot Floating Text damage will now show whole numbers instead of including decimals.
- Leveling up Summon Bear and Deadly Shot now requires 15 levels per level.
- Bear war stomp now has 10 seconds cooldown (60 previously) which stuns the enemy for 1.5 seconds (4 previously) at 700 Aoe (300 previously)
- Bear now as an Additional Skill: Berserk - Which maxes the attack speed but takes 6x more damage for 5 secs. Has 15 Second CD.
- The Bear now has 1 Base attack time as opposed to 1.75
- Renamed Ultimate skill "Sharpshooter" into "Assassinations"
- Renamed Omega Skill "Assassinate" into "The Omega Bullet"

Fallen King of the Void (Formerly Known as Space Creature using Voidwalker Model)
- Black Hole will now become an Omega Skill and is nerfed tremendously except that it hass even bigger AoE of 1,350.
- Dark reaction now also provides 20/40/60/80% Evation and will require 20 levels each to increase ability tier
- Added New Ultimate Skill, "Dimensional Rift" - Creates a portal that can teleport anywhere dealing damage and cripple effect in 600 Aoe.

- Omega Upgraded Raise Dead will no longer raise 4 skeletons. Instead, it will spawn 2 skeletons with better attack, defense type and base attack time.
- Fixed Undead Touch having higher chance than what is said in the tooltips and fixed the spaghetti code of that spell.

Version 2.60 ; UPDATED 9/10/2020

Biggest Changes:
- The Great Castle now has 200,000 Base HP, Base Attack Speed from 0.01 to 0.75
- The Castle now has 12,000 base HP
- Capitalism gold reward per wave adjusted. From 0.75x then 0.5x after wave 50 >>> to 1.2x base then reduced by 0.3x per 15 waves (1-15 = 1.2x ; 16 - 30 = 0.9x ; 31 - 45 = 0.6x ; 45 - 60 = 0.3x)
- Wisdom is now buffed. Every 15 Waves the multiplier for exp being given per wave is increased by 1 (Ex: Wave 52 = 4x). From just 1 times throughout the game.
- Powercraft Agility given per wave is now 1.25x higher.
- Fire Master boss now has 4 more abilities (Firebolt, Flame Strike, Fire Breath, and 25% Magic Resist)
- Fire Master HP increased to 15000 from 10000

Bug Fixes:
- Now has a 2 second delay teleportation when killing Ticket Bosses (Which fixes insta-kill abilities not triggering cooldown bug)
- Fixed the items upgrading when acquiring the Gem of Knowledge to get Omega Spells.
- Lottery Ticket now has 1 minute cooldown instead of 5 seconds to prevent abusing it to easily gain 300 or more diamonds.
- Fixed Omega Upgraded God's Titan and Trader not increasing their respective crafts when leveling up.
- Fixed Star Diamond giving 750 Capitalism (Instead of said 600 in tooltip) ; was nerfed to 400 Capitalism.
- Fixed The Great Castle max level upgrade not refunding properly (refunding 15 instead of 20 diamonds)
- Fixed some tooltip errors on hints.

Normal Changes:
- Peta Ring Diamond cost increased to 60 from 50
- Damage Taker now has 20 HP Regeneration instead of 7.5, Also Armor increased to 15 from 10
- Helm of Dominator [Charm Spell] will now have the units be permanent but cost to buy increased to 50 instead of 30 Diamonds.
- Helm of Dominator [Charm Spell] cooldown increased to 240 seconds from 180.
- Updated the Impossible Mode Gameplay (After you beat the game on God Difficulty and will give you a command) ; It will now also make you not allowed to take a break between waves and it's continuous.
- Impossible Mode Item given is now replaced by a new item: Universal Overlord's Amulet
- Wave Bosses levels from 10 to 50 is now scaled by difficulty
- Polished and changed some of the wave comments.
- The text is now gold after a wave boss has been defeated.
- Divine Tower now has 1500 Attack Range instead of 600. (Same for Tower Engineer's Superior Variant)
- Divine Tower's (Also Tower Engineer's) Armor Reduced by 25%
- Plague King and Fire Master now has Elite Armor Type

Technical Changes: (Not affecting gamplay itself)
- Updated the Wave Sending System (Made by me and is highly configurable array based. No longer spaghetti code - Which also means that the game can now reach wave 60 in just 20 minutes when testing.)
- There are 5 Wave Classifications which alter spawn rate (Normal [2x], Swarm [4x], Strong [1x], Elite [4], Boss [1])

- Wave 39 is now a Strong Wave Class and added a skill that summons Reef Elementals.
- Wave 49 and 59 Dragons' model will become a bit smaller and their attack range shortened.
- Wave 51 Dark Rangers now a Strong Wave Class and added permanent invis, 100% 2x Crit.
- Wave 57 Nether Dragons and Wave 50 Gargoyle will no longer stick in one spot.

Golden Knight (Formerly Greedy Knight)
- All Skills [Transmute, Collect Taxes, Extreme Greed, Taunt of Greed, Greedisgood] - Removed from the game
- New 1st Skill [Call Soldiers] - Summons 10 Soldiers to fight for you.
- New 2nd Skill [Transmute Strike] - Targets a ground to deal damage and gain money depending on number of enemies.
- New 3rd Skill [Financial Motivation] - Added to the game which gives percentage attack damage and capitalism to all players.
- New 4th Skill [Market Manipulation] - Changes the Gold of All Players for -100% to 200% x (10x Capitalism).
- New Omega Skill [The Glorious Gears] - Changes the hero and soldiers attack and armor type to Elite + 50% Magic Resistance.
- Capitalism per level reduced from 4 to 3
- Wisdom per level reduced from 2 to 1

- 3rd Skill [Economy] - Renamed into Entrepreneurship
- Trader's 2nd Spell [Tome Shop] - Fixed game breaking bug when purchasing Experience Tomes.
- ^ Tomes will now be instantly used again. But using hero stats tomes on horse will no longer work and gold will be refunded.

Time Berserker
- Increased health into 500
- Omega Spell [Multiversal Call] - Now has duration of 25 seconds and 40 seconds cooldown.
- Ultimate [Time Stop] - Now stops newly spawned units and pings the area where Time Berserker used the ability.
- 3rd Spell [Lifesteal Axe] - now heals for 40/60/80/100% per attack
- now renamed into Axe of Resilience
- New 2nd Spell [Berserk] - Increases attack speed by 50/100/150/200%. Lasts for 7 seconds.
- Former 2nd Spell [Destruction Axe] - Removed from the game.
- Former 1st Spell [Frost Ball] - Removed from the game.
- New 1st Spell [Deja Vu] - Summons an alternate version from other time to slam the ground 20 times per 0.25 seconds damaging units.

Elite Sniper
- Ultimate Spell [Assasinations] - Fixed strength gain per kill (It is extremely overpowered)
- Base Damage Increased but Strength per level reduced from 3 to 2.

Elemental Mage (A really broken hero before 2.59)
- Ultimate Spell [Star of Life] - Changed SFX into a much more flashy and no more ghost scream.
- Changed Damage from 500/1000/1500 to 300/600/900
- Changed Heal from 100/200/300 to 200/400/600
- Increased the AoE of the spell to 1000
- Ultimate Spell [Star of Life] - Increased level requirement to learn to 10/50/90
- 3rd Spell [Meteor Strike] Nerfed the damage from 250/500/750/1000 to 150/300/450/600
- 2nd Spell [Raise Tornado] - Cooldown increased from 10 to 25.
- 1st Spell [Water Conjuration] - Summons HP and Damage not scaling with Spellcraft has been fixed.

Version 2.61 ; UPDATED 9/29/2020

Biggest Changes:
- Reorganized many of the item shops at the same place
- Lv.1-4 Recipes are now at same place, Same goes with quick made shops
- Added Lv. 4 Quick Made Shop
- Many of the Shop's Model around the castle (except potion vendor) has been changed into objects and chests. (Just like buying in a grocery...)
- Quick made shops are now around the castle. (These 4 guys are chilling in a fireplace)
- Legendary Shop (Or what is secretly called the lv 6 shop) model has been changed into Mountain King Avatar State from wisp.
- Godlike Shop now sits on the throne. (where he belongs)
- Castle upgrade now be upgraded 15 times instead of 60. (The effect is 4x more powerful, which means it's the same as before)
- Horse changed into blimp that can fly trough walls
- Idle Blimp will now show on the bottom left (So there will be no hard time finding when it went missing)
- Created a new boss AI system. (The boss will no longer cast spells randomly, instead it prevents the boss from using the same skill in succession and checks if it casts all spells then it will reset thus the cycle repeats.) <It's only applied to Greater Warlock and Far Seer>

Terrain Changes:
- Fire Master's Boss area reworked.
- Sniper's Area has been reworked. (Now has tent, a table, it's a little further deep inside when entering)
- The tiles has been changed (It now looks like a root instead of a random pattern)
- Slight adjustments to 4 direction paths.
- Changed in some of the doodads at the Mall.
- Massive Changes to the Lv. 5 Shop Area (It now a proper boss area that looks like a graveyard with sacrificial ritual area.)
- Massive Changes to the Omega Boss Area

Bug Fixes:
- Fire Master's Firebolt effects has wrong effect (He throws ice instead of fire)
- Fire Master's Incinerate effect has wrong effect (When a unit was attacked by him, it will show mana flare effect)
- Attempt to fix Wave 20 Desync Issues (If it's still causes desync, I'll might have no choice but to completely remake the wave 20)
- Changed Far Seer Model into Thrall (Maybe...It might fix it?)
- The Far Seer Boss is now Melee
- Overhauled Flame Strike Lightning (Will now create big colorful lightning instead of so many small purge sfx that has an absurd amounts of dummy units being created)
- Chain Lightning (reduced the special effects from 10 direction into only 6 directions)
- Reverted the Original Lightning Events from before.

- Fixed Golden Knight's Personal Item Not working (That is when he is replaced into an omega version, it does not detect)
- Elemental Mage Meteor Strike damage fixed (It is 20x more overpowered before)
- Fixed Elite Sniper's Ultimate giving 100x more strength than it should when killing a boss.

- Added -debug wave command (which will kill all wave enemies and instantly start to next wave ; if you're naughty with the command using it 20 times, something will happen)

Normal Changes:

- Changed the Name of the Castle Room Key into "Ultimate Sealing Key"
- Added more detailed information on (Damage Taker, Armored Damage Taker, Repair Dude, Repair Bossman, and Master Repairman)
- Repair Legend has been renamed to Master Repairman.
- Added Divine Rapier Item...sort of. (Only Available when you saved an angel from the cage in Greater Warlock Area) <It's called the Divine Blade of Haste that is only held by wave 10 boss>

Greater Warlock: (The Secret Superboss)
- Boss Battle has been improved. It will now have him teleport to 4 Areas randomly then use a Scarier Finger of Death.
- The Finger of Death has a scary 3 second stun that also deals 300 AoE damage that takes 50000 + 20% of Max Life (Chaos and Pure Damage).
- He now has a Rain of Fire Spell that has big AoE and big damage. You can kill the wisp that he summons to stop the rain.
- His minions will now summon in the center of the arena instead of through the portal.

- The Cage has 50,000 HP instead of 500,000 HP
- Breaking the cage will now rescue an Angel that will move near castle and he will serve as a Quick Made Recipes 5.
- The Spherical Blood (Item that he drops when killed), Now has a literal model of that...Big Ball of Blood.
- Defeating the Boss will now rescue the soul of an Archangel (It has no purpose yet, but will be added things for him in the future).

- Base attack time reduced from 2.2 to 1
- Initial Strength and it's per level nerfed
- Initial Intelligence and it's per level buffed
- 1st Kill [Mimic] - Removed from the game
- 4th Skill [Illusive Clones] - Removed from the game.
- 2nd skill [Invisible Box] - Moved to 1st Skill
- New 2nd Skill [Displacement] - has 50% chance when attacked to create an illusion and teleport in a random area within 600 AoE damaging units. Disabled for 2 Seconds when activated.
- 3rd Skill [Illusive Clones] - Remaked the skill into something identical to mirror image.
- New 4th Skill [Despair Trap] - Creates 8 units in 300 AoE forming a circle trapping enemies and creates a smokescreen that deals damage per second. Lasts for 10 seconds.
- New Special Skill [Blinks] - Blinks in 1000 Distance. Disable Displacement temporarily for 2 seconds.

- Buffed Base Attributes by 3 Times (The Hero is now extremely strong in the Early Game)
- Now has 2000 Additional Base HP and Armor type is now at Elite.
- 2nd Skill [Holy Power] - (The skill that summons balls above) Has been removed.
- Moved 3rd Skill from Ulti [Guardian of Justice] - Now has 36 seconds CD, has 2000+(25 x Spellcraft) heal and give 10 seconds armor.
- New Ulti Skil [Early Guardian] - Increases Str/Agi/Int by 250/500, Deals 4x/8x to Non-Hero Units.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Special Thanks:

  • skamigo (The original creator of this map)
  • Blizzard Entertainment (For the game)


  • Kwaliti
  • shamanyouranus
  • Sellenisko
  • alfredx_sotn
  • General Frank
  • Mr. Bob
  • Frankster
  • DarkHunter1357
  • Pyramidhe@d
  • DonDustin
  • Tarrasque
  • sPy
  • Ampharos_222
  • UgoUgo
  • Callahan
  • Tranquil
  • Happy Tauren
  • Thrikodius
  • expresso


  • Kwaliti
  • skizzik
  • -BerZeKer-


  • Kwaliti
  • shamanyouranus
  • FrostTorture
  • Golden-Drake
  • Peekay
  • Frankster
  • ike-ike
  • Golden-Drake
  • Akolyt0r
  • Darkfang
  • The_Silent
  • Cloudwolf
  • Peekay
  • Infinitynexus
  • Anachron
  • Nudl9
  • prizraknadache

Spells and Systems:

  • Knno
  • Squiggy
  • Klingo
  • Mage goo
  • Tank-Commander
  • Tiche3
  • Maker
  • baassee
  • Paladon
  • Cryophoenix
  • Rmx
  • X-OMG-X
  • Nolyp (for item description)

Feedbacks and Testers:

  • Vengeancekael (For Moderation)
  • Hell_Master (For Re-Moderation)
  • Dr Super Good
  • Naman
  • Maniawar3
  • 13lackace
  • orchius
  • Lordjoker
  • trolly056
  • NightAngelz
  • rrfvtgb
  • sheep
  • melnikas
  • HayateRein
  • ravewarheit
  • Oldmilk
  • JBB
  • LeonXardo66
  • TLI-Inferno
  • Fischiblub
  • Crett

This map is based from the original version 1.31 by Skamigo. I improved it very well to make it better by focusing on the gameplay. Feedback is fully appreciated and I give reps. Also, giving reps to those who give reputation to me and giving rating is enough to continue it. I am giving the unprotected old version of the map to anyone. Here is the link of the unprotected version:

Anyone can download the unprotected version of the map. You can edit, modify it or learn from it. (Note: Loading time is horribly slow that takes a minute <Makes it eat my time developing the map>). The Unprotected version of the file is always attached to the latest comments of mine when it released.

If I become too inactive for more than 3 months, feel free to develop the map as eventually I will be too busy. Just post the map that you've developed so I can be aware of what happens. If you decided to develop the map, don't forget to credit me, skamigo and all that is listed on credits section.

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Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.61b (Map)

[img][c] Date: 2011/Oct/02 09:50:07 Vengeancekael: VM // PM: Status: Approved Rating: 3/5 Acceptable Rep Received: 2[c]Reasons: Missing custom preview image: To add a preview image, resize the image to 256x256 or 128x128 using gimp and save it...
  1. Shaeam


    Aug 11, 2010
    This might sound... A little exaggerated; but Bluegreen891 (And Skamigo, of course); the effort you put into this map is astounding. This week alone I've played this game (In two player mode; with my friend) about 12 or 14 times (equaling out to and hour, or an hour thirty in some scenarios)
    I absolutely adore this map; it seems relatively simple from the front-side; although, really; it's more complex than it appears with it's craft system and various interesting mechanics that really set it apart. I haven't got to play 2.46 yet; since I wasn't aware it was out -- I will, however; play it and give my feedback on it when possible; unfortunately, my friend that I usually play the game with is offline at the moment.

    This is my symphonists for version 2.45; keep in mind, these might've gotten fixed in the new version -- I have no way of knowing just yet (But I won't mention ones that aren't already listed in the patch notes)


    - Raise Dead (Necromancer) shares the same hotkey as his ultimate
    - (Possibly intentional?) If you kill the level 5 shop keeper; you may no longer craft Peta Rings; which is a very serious problem for late game.
    - Likewise, the level 5 shop keeper says he is going to grant you an item when slain; but he doesn't
    - Spider Queen's necklace is INCREDIBLY under tuned (Did a quick test; it is still under tuned even with the newest patch), compare it to the cheaper priced Naga Champion's Necklace (Which requires one less necklace) It's 5 to Spellcraft and (Weaponcraft, I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong; I don't know offhand) per level compared to Naga Champion's 10 Weaponcraft, 5 str per level.
    - (Possibly Intentional?) Mime's clones aren't selectable; which means they stay in a circle around the spot where the mime summoned them.

    Personal Suggestions

    Suggestion 1: Remove evasion waves.
    Reasoning: They're not very fun, they're not very challenging, they slow down the game's pace, and allow for exploits

    Suggestion 2: Add more variety and choice to necklace selection.
    Reasoning: They're are quite interesting; and I want to see them expanded upon. Currently, end-tier is lacking alot of interesting necklaces.

    Suggestion 3: Add filler items and remove necklaces from non-necklace recipes
    Reasoning: Necklaces on non-necklace recipes seems incredibly counter intuitive, plus; the game needs more early-game craft stat items; so why not mend both of these problems together?

    Suggestion 4: Remove Plague Lord's kill ability when you defeat him.
    Reasoning: I'm sorry; but it adds absolutely nothing. It's only purpose is to troll people who don't know that it happens. It's incredibly easy to counter, just buy a rebirth potion. Just make the boss fight harder with some other mechanics instead of adding inflated 'fake' difficulty.

    Suggestion 5: Fix the sniper hero.
    Reasoning: Refine his tooltips a bit more, especially Base Comforts. It's INCREDIBLY cryptic what triggers his invulnerability, perhaps have a ping on the minimap to where his 'base' is when you level up the ability.

    Suggestion 6: Cluster the shops in the middle.
    Reasoning: It's not exactly comfortable running around clicking the shops and figuring out which items are in which shops for newer players.

    Suggestion 7: Remove the -impossible command
    Reasoning: It hasn't got a reason to exist when red already sets the difficult. And it DEFINITELY shouldn't be able to be activated by ANY player; people of the malicious sort could easily ruin a game by typing that.

    Suggestion 8: Reposition the 'secret' shop
    Reasoning: Sniper's 'base' is right next to it; thus, it wouldn't be a very well kept secret with a sniper in the game. (I'd be happy to give you some ideas; if you'd be interested)

    Suggestion 9: Rework Elemental Mage
    Reasoning: His scaling with Spellcraft is horrible, his aura is horrible (since mana becomes a non-issue later game. ESPECIALLY for intellect based heroes)... He's just all around a pretty horrible hero, unfortunately.

    Suggestion 10: Add a wave end timer
    Reasoning: Currently, the waves are kind of exploitable. All you need to do is just have one person kite something with evasion, such as; a Banshee. (Or hell, any mob will do -- but evasive mobs are all the better) and have another person go around challenging all the bosses. You can keep this up until you have enough diamonds to actually win the game without trying. This is why I'd suggest a timer that ends the wave and perhaps applies a penalty for not killing them within say 5 minutes or so.

    Complete list of the heroes I've played

    -Necromancer (Currently, he's my favorite)
    -Space Darkness
    -Naga Champion
    -Death Knight
    -Shadow Master
    -Elite Sniper (My least favorite hero, currently -- aside from Elemental Mage)
    -Elemental Mage
    -Tauren Chieftain
    -Wisp of Wisdom

    Overall; I believe this game has incredible potential and I eagerly await new versions. Both me -AND- my friend have kept coming back for more. Despite what issues it has; I'm giving it a 5/5. It's incredibly fun and incredibly re playable... What more could you really ask for?
    I'll keep coming back if I find any new bugs or exploits and leave a comment... Although, I have to ask; what did you mean by "I ran out of ideas on how I can add more events to this map and can someone give me a suggestions if you have any?"?

    Edit: Fixed some grammatical errors.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
  2. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    It means I need any ideas for special events (example: the level 5 shop event).

    In version 2.46, these bugs that you reported are currently not fixed.

    For the Level 5 event, please go to page 21.
    but if he really doesn't give any item "Spherical Blood" its a bug.

    For your suggestions, i'll add it to the map.

    For elemental mage, I will rework it but it may take one or few versions to fully rework the hero.
  3. Shaeam


    Aug 11, 2010
    Yeah; I didn't expect you to rework him immediately. Hero design takes quite a while... Also -- I forgot to mention yet another bug.

    Well; me and my friend like to rush early capitalism. We aren't ENTIRELY sure WHY it happens but when we get the +500 capitalism item (I can't recall it's name; it's from the level 5 recipe shop) there is occasionally a glitch that turns the item into a Peta Ring instead... Again; not sure entirely how it happens... It just seems to happen at pure random. I notice it tends to happen more when you've got the level 3 ring in your inventory, too. Although it doesn't seem to be a prerequisite.
  4. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    I know this rare bug a long time ago since version 2.20 and this one is extremely hard to fix and I don't have any idea of fixing this bug. I was thinking of removing this system and replace it but it's also hard because I will take too much time and effort to add that system to the map and i'm too lazy to do it.
  5. Shaeam


    Aug 11, 2010
    Ahhh, I see. Do you have any idea what triggers it? I'm genuinely curious... Or does it just happen randomly?
  6. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    I don't have any. It just happens randomly.

    Edit: For greater warlock, I'll fully fix the bug in the next version!
    (seems I got confused with the 2 Greater warlocks in the map thats why this bug occur)
    (Not only giving item but can cast finger of death now and is level 5000)
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2014
  7. rrfvtgb


    Aug 11, 2010
    There are still some glitch... my favorite glitch is to increase my kill count, by making boss casting their spell... on dummy's death, the red's kill count will increase with the death of the dummy.

    • Make more defensive spell
    • Maybe increase the Exa ring's bonus, I don't see why it cost that much
    • Add more items with some ability, like a shield which will protect you from damage, and it will recharge every 5s with 10x Spellcraft shield point, with a maximum of 50x Spellcraft shield point.
  8. veraku


    Apr 6, 2008
    My friend and I were playing and I realized that some heroes have auras which buff certain crafts like Tutor's which buffs wisdom and Trader's which buffs capitalism (Not sure if those are the only ones). However these auras are actually quite useless as by around the 10th wave everyone -already- has more than enough of whichever craft that the 10/20/30/40 provided by the aura won't cut it compared to the craft they already have. Do you think you could buff these auras somehow so that they evolve? Maybe 1/4th a pt per hero level per skill level or something? (So instead of 10/20/30/40 it would be .25/.5/.75/1 per hero level)
  9. Shaeam


    Aug 11, 2010
    What's new in 2.47?
  10. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    Thank's for suggestions...

    Sorry, I forgot to add changelog in the new version...
    Here is the changes for version 2.47

    Version 2.47

    • Auto Convert 1M golds to 100 Diamonds
    • Ping for Base Comfort
    • Message for Tutor's Teach
    • Balanced Phoenix a little
    • Beastmaster Personal Item
    • Reworked Blade Hero
    • Spider and Naga Necklace Price
    • Wave 16 and 26 evasion wave replaced
    • Blade Spells and Tooltips
    • Greater Warlock Event (Becomes Harder)
    • Time Berserker's Necklace
    • North-West Vision
    • Plague King death kills the hero
    • -impossible command (its pointless for now)

  11. InfernalTater


    Jul 12, 2008
    Converting 1m Gold to 100 Diamonds would be inconvenient, since it would leave players without gold to spend.

    Instead, you should simply have it so that every time the player's gold exceeds 600k, it will loop a trigger which swaps 100k gold for 10 diamonds, repeating until the player's gold is less than 600k. This gets rid of excess gold without leaving the player broke.
  12. rrfvtgb


    Aug 11, 2010
    I agreed. Well, I asked something to automatically convert gold into diamonds, because I didn't enjoyed the gold loss that we get with the wave income (when you have an overflow of gold).

    Also, there is a better way to do it, cause there is no need to use loop.

    Something like that?

    set diamonds = (current_gold + income - 900000 )/ 10000
    if diamonds > 0 then
    set current_diamond = current_diamond + diamonds
    set current_gold = current_gold + income - ( diamonds * 10000 )
    set current_gold = current_gold + income

    And well, for me, the map will leak some items, like more end game items. And a better way to upgrade castle. Too much diamonds to spend, and long coldown on secret shop's items .... :ogre_icwydt:
  13. veraku


    Apr 6, 2008
    On top of the long cool down on the secret items, I found that Spherical Blood is kind of worthless, as any of the secret items give an actual ability to fight where as, as far as I can tell, Spherical Blood merely prevents you from dying... Not to say that preventing you from dying isn't big, just that for the amount of effort it takes to kill a guy who can barely even be hurt by a spell that nearly 1hit k.o.s everything else in the game it's not worth it and should at least offer a boost to crafts or some kind of item specific skill...
  14. Shaeam


    Aug 11, 2010
    I have finished completely rewriting the tooltips for your items; if you're interested. I'll send it to you in a PM.
  15. koaibangem


    May 3, 2014
    Hi BlueGreen891

    I From VietNamese, I like Map Skamigos Hero Def
    I've played from version 2.19 to the present.
    I want you to edit a bit:
    - Add function Random Hero and Random all player for host (+20% gold)
    - Fix bug Sometime auto Upgrade Item (Ruby >>> Enhanted Stone, Enhanted Stone >>> Crystal Amulet, Star Diamond >>> Peta Ring and some item...)
    - Hopefully there will be some other hero
    - Fix bug Redution Damage (Buy item Guardian Cuirass of Pet Titan Gods beacause Final boss killed himself)
    - Fixed failed disconect player if choose mode God + 6x
    - Edit Capitalism of Item Sack Of Gold to 75 (125 is superabundant)
    - Edit or delete Hero Greedy knight beacause him so imbalance in the game
    - if possible, please add 20 waves more attractive to game
    Thank you for making Map so Good :)
    Last edited: May 3, 2014
  16. FLamE.OwYeah


    May 13, 2014
    Please Update! I really really like this game !Add More Hero,Wave Level,crafts and Secrets :)
  17. Shaeam


    Aug 11, 2010
    He will; but hes gone for a while -- probably on vacation.
  18. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    I am back after gone for 3 weeks
    I will fix all the bugs that were reported

    In version 2.48 will introduce a new system, "The Random mode"
    type -random to pick a random hero in case you do not know what to pick
    and in random mode there will be a chance to use the secret hero.

    Spoiler Alert: Its a small black dragon
    Last edited: May 25, 2014
  19. Stare Cat

    Stare Cat

    May 13, 2013
    You can type -t and it teleports you to the castle, I think this wasn't intended to happen. Also, some heroes scale really bad at level 40+ (namely Necromancer, all of his skeletons get 1 shotted, maybe add Devotion Aura to his special item?)
  20. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    The version 2.48 has been updated
    Please take note of this:
    Some suggestions wasn't added to the map
    and will be added soon

    I already added a new mode random mode but not yet in the dialog box at the beginning.

    If you found bugs in the new version, feel free to post it...
    The update will be slower but don't worry I will never stop the development.