Simple AOS style map

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Aug 4, 2007
Simple AOS style map Tutorial

So Ive made a simple Aos style map with my noob GUI skills.
Hopefully this tutorial will help people who are less skilled than me.

1. I made my basic terrain:

Made 2 Nexuses? (Nexi?) on either side. 1 for player 2 and 1 for player 3 since I will be playing as player 1.
Made a point in front of each nexus. Points are where the units will spawn. Nexusis are your main" building.

2. Made a variable(CTRL+B) for a timer called "Timer" and type: timer.
---------------New trigger---------
Started a timer for "Timer",repeating timer at map initialization. This will tell the creeps when to spawn.

3. Created a timer window for "timer" with title creeps, using remaining time. Shows the timer in the screen.

4. Added player 1 and player 2 to player group called playergroup1 (This is a variable created before, type:playergroup.)
Make all players in playergroup1 treat each other as ally with shared vision.
This is so Player 2 wont attack you.


5.-----------new trigger---------
Event: "Timer" expires
action: create 3 zealot for player 2 at point 1 facing point 2.
order all units in Last created units to attack point 2. (attack is just like move-attack in WE)
repeated this for player 3. <--Spawning units at point 1 to attack point 2.


6. ------new trigger---------
even: unit dies
owned of triggering unit: ==3
action: general if then else. if owner of killing unit ==1
modify player 1 minerals add random integer between 20 and 40.
(Trying to find out how to place ingame text in position of dying unit to show up the gold gained.) This gives gold to the player when a unit kills an enemy.


7. ----New trigger----
event : nexus 1 dies, action: pick each player in player group 1 game-end game in defeat for picked player.

----New trigger----
event : nexus 2 dies, action: pick each player in player group 1 game-end game in victory for picked player. This trigger will make you win if enemy nexus dies



Lots of other triggers are missing, but thats because its only 1 player at the moment

+rep if this was helpful!

Map is attached if anyone is interested.


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Aug 23, 2008
I'm not telling you to change it. I'm telling you that it's not a tutorial. If you want me to say stuff that would make it a tutorial, then recreate the Marine model and call it a modeling tutorial. Right now it doesn't classify for anything.
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May 27, 2007
A tutorial explains why and how something does something.

This simply states what your map does.

Rather explain why you use a variable timer. What the point of adding rand(20 to 40) minerals when any unit dies. Try make it a bit complex, add some regions and way points, instead of just the creatures spawning and blandly attacking each other player...
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Aug 23, 2008
That won't suffice either. Just adding more stuff doesn't make it a tutorial, it only makes more spam. So could somebody please move this to the recycling bin?

Sorry thisruoy, but this just won't teach people anything new (or anything at all). If you want to make another tutorial, make sure the tutorial isn't about showing how you make it, but about providing the reader with information (his tools) to create his own whatever-the-tutorial-is-about in his own way, with his own touch.
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Apr 14, 2010
I actually found this tutorial very informative. All the other tutorials just go through the buttons and explain what they do, while this tutorial shows you how to put it into action.

Thanks for the tutorial!
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May 31, 2009
Did he add a respawn trigger? I'm still trying to figure it out, and can't find out how. I'm on my Ipod right now so I can't check.

If anybody knows how to revive units, please PM me! I'm really desperate at this point, I don't know what to do anymore lol!