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    I like Gear of war 3.
    I herd u leik GoW 3. Sending you an invitation for the Hive Gears!
    Merry Christmas, iromnan47, and a Happy New Year! :D
    As tobyfat50 said, so where do we begin the terraining contest?
    Merry Christmas! bother you with 1 question. dragonslarger is inactive for a long time and I don't know where to post the terrain for the contest, I haven't seen a new thread or anything around.
    Why would I want to grow out of my reflection?
    I am not wasted! I am all-seeing! Fool.
    I don't think people even been to be punished at all, all that often. Simply notifying someone that they broke a rule is generally enough, most of the time, I find.

    No cost. English is my native language.
    well sorry dude,anyway what happened to your rep?
    i thought you had a green gem before lol
    There are some things that simply cannot be enforced. Even if it was a white list type thing where only approved members could make threads, there's no guarantee they'll always be that way. Maybe they'll get hammered one day and make the most retarded thread Hive has ever seen. Lots of effort for no real gain. Working as we do now, letting all post threads and nuking the offending ones is likely the ideal way.

    My guess would be it has something to do with not wanting to take shit from a bunch of kids, but your guess is more authoritative than mine on the matter. :V
    most people don't know this, but mr. bob controls most of the staff

    when they find out, though... things go downhill from there

    a petition must be started! it's the only way!
    but if we don't get horrible mr. bob booted, he will continue to reign supreme!

    you are our only hope!
    OH YES. Mr. Bob is a horrible fellow and should be banned for being a bully and mocking from a distance.

    we need a petition.
    i agree with you, mr. bob is horrible

    but starting petty threads is not the way to get things done

    start a petition, and see how many names you get
    that way, you'll have support and will be able to get something real done about him
    A wise man forgives but doesn't forget. What I said was not for the sake that it needed to be said, but that I needed to say it. My pride can take only so much anger. I had to let it go. So I did a little raging.
    I was never beaten. The fact is, they couldn't beat me by using their fists, so they mocked me at a distance and left me out of the group if I asked if I could join them.

    Because as a naive kid, I both forgave and forgot, because I have a pretty crappy memory.

    Back then the worst kind of bullying was being left alone and told you were not good enough. I basically grew up bullied. I grew stronger because of it.
    However, my pride wont allow me to be bullied again. So, I release my anger towards whoever spawned it and then forgive the person.

    It's not a very adult way of doing it, but a pretty healthy way. As for hate. Hate breeds hate. You don't have to be religious to realize that.
    Actually, I kinda just had to release pent up rage that Mr. Bob had made me build up. The the thing that angers me the most isn't his tendency to troll people, but more that he has no sense of boundaries or respect. He usually blurts out whatever is on his mind. In many ways, he's more alike to me than I'd admit. I may have the power to restrain me more at times though, he does not. He do tend to mock people a lot, that I have no answers for.

    That is also the thing that makes me think of him as a bully at those specific times. As I have been bullied for roughly ten years. I have something to compare him to. Mocking and laughing at another being with a crowd laughing behind you, that is what I define as a bully. Some parts that I said was straight from the heart, mainly that Mr. Bob is a troll and that I don't like him. Some other parts was more along the lines of blind rage. Rui summarized it pretty well. Community and Modding is two sides of the same coin.
    I don't recall asking you to join a hate group.

    Also, I asked you to join chat so that we could figure out why you hate me so much in a better environment instead of destroying the thread with spam.
    Sorry, ok. :D Yes, i copied it wrongly so now i know why you could not look at it. If you want to look at it, seek it in my resources section or the maps section.
    I wont spam any more, sorry again.
    Good luck with everything and have a nice day. :D
    thxs for the comment and allowing in group i was wondering could i host a terraining contest in the group???
    lol, i just talk to people on hive, visitor message, private messages, chat. Rarely post on forums nowadays.
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