Shipwrecked MUI v1.01

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Spell Description :

Proudmoore calls upon the power of the seven seas, dealing damage per 0.5 seconds to a target enemy for 5 seconds. Afterwards, he sends forth furious waves which instantly kills the enemy unit if its health is below 25% and stuns it if not. Proudmoore himself gets stunned if the target enemy dies before sending the final waves.

Importing :

1 - WE > File > Preferences > Check "Automatically create unknown variables while pasting trigger data"
2 - Copy and paste all the custom abilities to your map (main ability plus 5 dummy abilities).
3 - Copy and paste all the dummy units to your map (5 in total).
4 - Give the main ability to the hero you want to use it on.
5 - (Optional) Export shipwrecked.mp3 from the sound editor and import it to your map.
6 - Copy the trigger category named Shipwrecked to your map.
7 - (Optional) Edit the "SW Damage" variable to your liking. Damage dealt is "strength of hero x level of ability" by default.

Video :

Changelog :

- v1.0 : Uploaded.
- v1.01 : Removed leaks.

Notes :

Created using WE version 1.32j (6112)

It's an upgraded version of the spell I was planning to use on my map. Also my first MUI ability.
Probably the last one as well.

Shipwrecked MUI v1.01 (Map)