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Shandris (Texture)

THE_END: Great armor style used here. Update: Changed mod rating.
Level 13
May 11, 2008
this is really great.

id hate to sound like a noob, but how exactly do i use this ? i cant seem to get it right...

you have to find the skin path for the unit model that it is for...in this case i think it's for the unit model shandris, so whatever that skin path for that model is, is what you rename your skin that you download here, in your import manager after you have imported the skin into your map. the skin path should be in a zip file with the skin or else sometimes the skin path comes ready and maybe all you have to do is take out the prefix for the path or add Textures\ to the beginning in addition to that. i think typically you should always have the skin path in a notepad document along with the skin but if you don't have it you can look around for it. if it were a model then you wouldn't have to bother with all this unless the model required a skin in which case you just need to know the correct skin path again.

in the case of this model, the correct skin path is on the page for downloading itself.

anyway then you just make a unit have the shandris model and it will work. you do that in object editor. after importing anything, you must close and reload editor to display it.
Level 3
Jan 3, 2009
That skin is really fking awsome but u have to change the icon it looks like a guy...
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Level 2
Nov 17, 2008
Things like this always make me lol my face off. Why are the hardened elvish warriors always dressed like exotic dancers? Not that I don't LIKE seeing almost naked girls, but, even if she's in a really warm climate you'd think she'd want to expose the LEAST amount of her flesh, not the most. But hey. It's still a great skin and it is just a game after all :)