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  • Greetings Hin,
    I have observe your cinematics and its very good... really very good.. I decided to recruite you as our cinematic creator....
    Our goal is to make quality maps for peoples enjoyment. If you are asking, what would I do? You would just simply provide us cinematics in our campaign to be used in our maps.
    If you have any more questions, please fell free to PM/VM me.

    Project Page!!

    Admiral Jack
    Yes of course. In the Terrain Pallete(Windows >new pallete>Terrain Pallete) you can chouse to edit the hight of the terrain.

    You use Rise and make a big hill an mountain. Then you select the Plateua tool but make the hill around the map not all over the place, with plateua you select the botom of the hill so to say so the terrain tha tinst modifed and go to the hill(I mean hold it and go foward to the hill and just make it in a line) I hope you understand this better
    Just make a big hill and then just make all the areas you dont want to have as that hill(the walls mountain what ever) and youll have it

    Sorry had to post this saw your help request to CMarket :D
    Once in the World Editor raise a large hill. And I'm talking large. Then, use the plateau tool on the ground that isn't raised(the regular ground around the hill) and slowly go towards the hill to see what happens.
    Alright, so when I use the "Raise" tool a lot, it makes a round hill. I do not want it to make a round hill but instead a jagged mountain with an almost - straight side. How would I make the straight and jagged sides, along with making the mountain not look like a hill?
    Hin, I could use some of your help for a part of my new campaign. You see, everytime I use the "Raise" tool the raised area looks like a hill, but I want it to look like a mountain with an almost straight drop and very jagged edges, how would I do that?
    For some reason my w3 won't open your map. I think it's because of the green mushrooms(ashenvale/felwood mushrooms). Could you remove them, save a new version of the map and send that version to me. You can easily remove all the green mushrooms by placing one, selecting it, clicking Ctrl+Shift+~ and hitting delete.
    I'd be happy to :)

    Send me a link via pm or something and I'll let you know what I think as soon as I can.
    I'm IDPB.Brisa im gaming Lineage 2
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