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Sethrone Battle


Created by Antonio L. Piczon III
Map Updated to v1.3 (June 22, 2015)

"Experience the great arena of Sethrone!"


The game is kind of like the Battle Off Arena Smash map that I've created few years ago (You can download this map at www.Epicwar.com) It has the same mechanics of how the game works but some of the triggers does not work and the attacks are not accurate to its directions cause I've used the ability Carrion Swarm as an attack of the heroes. (The thing is that the Carrion Swarm ability changes direction if you face and cast is on the outer map.) But here at Sethrone Battle, you can see that the game is really an improvement of the last map I've created. Started this few weeks ago and then worked and worked until I've posted this map here. The game is simple and AI is playable, hope you enjoy and have fun! (June 2, 2015)


There are two modes that the Host Player can pick: KILL and HIT modes.

You win by killing opponents

You win by hitting opponents

All you have to do is follow the objectives depending on what mode the host player picked. Staying alive is the best way to win the game or grab spawned items that will help you survive. Remember that whenever you lose mana, just move your hero to the Magic Circles.


The attack of the heroes are similar to wave abilities (Carrion Swarm, Crushing Wave, Shockwave, etc.) but will be destroyed on impact. The attack maximum travel distance is infinite but gets destroyed when it hits the outer area of the arena. The attack damage is according to the formula below:

(Distance between the casting point and the target taking the damage) / 10

500 Range = 50 damage
1000 Range = 100 damage
1500 Range = 150 damage

This means that the further the distance traveled by the missile the greater the damage to the hero who gets hit. And also you can upgrade your damage by learning upgrade attack, adds 25% damage each point (e.g. Level 1=125% damage, Level 2=150% damage, Level 3=175% damage, etc.) Notice that when you attack again while your missile still exist, the missile will be cancelled.

The cooldown of the attack is 3 seconds.



Every hit will cause burn that adds an aditional 90 damage in 3 seconds flame.


Every hit will cause purge that only lefts 1 MP.


Every hit will entangle for 2 seconds.


Every hit will cause poison that will deal 40 damage per 3 seconds in 15 seconds poison.


Every hit will cause slowness for 7 seconds.


Every hit will cause cyclone that spins for 3 seconds..



Sethrone Battle



Entire Arena (Updated: June 4, 2015)


Entire Picking Area (Updated: June 4, 2015)









v1.3 (June 22, 2015)
-Added special missiles to heroes

v1.2 (June 8, 2015)
-Some icons have been changed
-Some indicators have been changed
-Bonuses have now hotkeys
-Telescope are disabled if arena is set to be visible
-Life Steal changed from 50% to 100%
-Life Steal changed to Life Leech

v1.1.2 (June 8, 2015)
-Arena Visibility can now be toggled by the Host Player
-Removes visibility on the picking area when the game starts
-Fixed Player 6

v1.1.1 (June 6, 2015)
-Added 5 new items
-Lightning hero's attack changed
-Nature hero's entangle do not damage anymore
-Heros will have Deflect as default item
-Changed Life potion HP gain from maximum HP to 275 HP
-Changed Life potion to Health Potion
-Changed item spawn from 100 seconds to 60 seconds

v1.1 (June 4, 2015)
-Added new hero
-Added Player 6
-Missile Speed can now be upgraded
-Fixed AI skipping learn
-Removed rock tilesets on water
-Multiboard will change for Quiting Players

v1.0.2 (June 3, 2015)
-Fixed bug problem by Sclammerz
-Added quiting players notification
-Added item spawn notification

v1.0.1 (June 2, 2015)
-Added few doodads
-Attack damage can now be upgraded
-Learning bonuses creates special effect on the hero.
-Changed bonus defence from 1.5 armor to 2 armor per point.
-Changed experience gain from 1-50 XP to 50 XP per hit.
-Fixed AI using Telecope item.


Sethrone Battle v1.1, v1.1, Setrone, battle, Sethrone Battle, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Water, Wind, Hero, Hero Arena, Arena, clash, AI, Shadow Fury.

Sethrone Battle (Map)

15:55, 8th Jun 2015 Map has been improved and the bugs have been fixed. For that reason, I shall approve the map. EDIT: Improvements have been made and my rating is raised to 3/5. Good job! 21:27, 3rd Jun 2015 Shadow Fury: Map set to needs fix...




15:55, 8th Jun 2015
Map has been improved and the bugs have been fixed. For that reason, I shall approve the map.
EDIT: Improvements have been made and my rating is raised to 3/5. Good job!

21:27, 3rd Jun 2015
Shadow Fury: Map set to needs fix with a rating of 2/5. Check my review to know the reason.

EDIT: I've tested the updated version and new bugs emerged. Apparently player 6 doesn't function. It is not displayed on the multiboard nor does it appear in the messages. Are you sure you created the triggers to suit player 6 as well? Besides, no new items have been added. It could be fine for some people to have one skill (Attack) since it is pretty challenging to aim and shoot + every missile has a different effect on enemies but too few items is just not enjoyable.
Finally, I strongly recommend adding things like "Player X is on a killing spree" when he kills enemies in sequence without dying or something like "Player X got a double kill" for two consecutive kills. These stuff make the game more thrilling since people do not want to lose their streak so they'll focus more on the game to stay alive.
Should you adopt these changes, I shall approve your map. Happy map-making :thumbs_up:
Map still needs fix. Only if you're going to do large changes and/or fix bugs you should update. Otherwise, please don't update.
Level 23
Apr 12, 2014
I can say the terrain is well done using blizzard cliffs, the tile variates very well but in most places it looks empty. You can put more decorations to fill those empty areas and make your arena look good.
The gameplay was nice overall, the AI really put an excitement when I play it and I kinda enjoy it, the Magic Circle was a good idea since the heroes don't regenerate mana and I like it. The thing that I really don't like is your heroes only have one spell (attack) until the end and the spells don't progress. You can only improve your heroes health, mana and defense. It would be much better if you provided more spells on the heroes and some shops to upgrade your spells or items something like that to spice out the game more. Also you could add more heroes and make the area wider and improve your tooltips it doesn't look bad but not good either.
I think the map is fun and worthy for an approval though it can still be improve. I vote for APPROVAL and with a score of 3/5. Have a nice day and happy mapping. :)
Level 23
Apr 12, 2014
There is something I want to point out, when another player kill the enemy and I'm on the near the dying hero. The killer will be displayed as me though I did not kill him. I just noticed it, it happen to me like 2 times when I played the game. I'll just download this new version and play it again and see if I am mistaken or some sort.

Edit: I really like the map description. Neat! :D
Level 23
Apr 12, 2014
Okay, played it again and I must say it was fun. :)

While the terrain was improve a bit, tiles variates very well, the terrain does not look flat but there are still empty places and looks bad. You can still improve it more but I think the terrain is OK and in a acceptable way.

The gameplay was fun and engaging, I really like the AI like, they are somewhat sometimes hard to hit unless in a short range, they are challenging and aggressive. I like the changes you made, the new upgrade and some minor things you added. Also maybe you can increase the kill/hit mode more kills not just a maximum of 20? Maybe 40 or 50 may be good. Just some suggestions maybe add more heroes to play with and also do you think adding additional abilities to them would be good too? It would probably add more fun with some additional abilities. About the items, the items are very useful when you are low at health you can use the life potion and for the telescope though it is a small map it is still useful and as well for the sprint. Maybe you could add more items not just 3 or 4, add more variety of items that you see it is needed in the arena or a shop maybe useful. One last thing it may good, if you could add a loading screen.

I like the improvements you made and really added to spice out the game. I think this map is approvable. So, again I vote for APPROVAL with a score of 3.5/5. Have a nice day and happy mapping.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
This is a map with a quite solid concept and pretty good gameplay mechanics. However, the terrain still doesn't offer something really attractive and the game itself is far too repetitive. You keep spamming the same skill for the whole duration of the game without any change. To be short, the gameplay does not develop at any point. Items are good and contribute to a better experience of play but there are far too few of them. These are my suggestions to improve:

1- Do never leave any part of your terrain empty, especially when Blizzard's cliffs are used because they are quite notorious for being ugly. Additionally, I recommend using less rock tile on the watery area and more on the higher cliffs
2- Instead of focusing on one skill only, consider adding more abilities to make the heroes more enjoyable and the game less repetitive
3- More items are required. I'd suggest adding an item for various purposes such as invulnerability, invisibility and damage increase. You should try to add more if possible
4- Changing the icons for the stats would be better. Instead of letting them have the same icon (Attribute Bonus), you can make them all different
5- Check your AI. Sometimes I wonder around and find an enemy hero standing like a statue and doing nothing. It needs to be fixed

Currently, your map still needs more quality. I shall set it to needs fix with a rating of 2/5. Once you update your map, it will be set back to pending again.
Level 1
Jun 5, 2015
Cool map. I mean, the map is really simple and that is what I like about it. Its not complicated, it is easy to learn, the AI was cool (really killed me one time), but still needs improvements...
I created this account to tell you about what I can say to your map. Its really fun and I think I recommend this map to be APPROVED! Everyone should try this map! =)
Level 1
Jun 5, 2015
Version 1.3: Love it how you added the "special missiles" on the heroes. It's amazing! There's so much happening in the arena! Specially when the fog visibility is ON.