Searching for "The Predator" creators

Level 2
Sep 13, 2020
The Predator (Version FINAL)

This map here.

I would love to bring this map into the reforged era. I'd like to get in contact with the original authors to get an unprotected version that I can work with.


If anyone on this forum knows where they've gone or can put me in touch that would be tremendously helpful.

Level 7
May 11, 2008
You are wasting your time. Why? Because the creators of that map are long gone, its been 10+ years and God knows what might be happening in their lifes at the moment for them to be worried with warcraft 3.

This is not new unfortunately, creators come and go. Sometimes they leave for some time sometimes they just dissapear and you are lucky if you manage to contact them again unless they are still around from time to time. Even if you did they might no longer have their original map by now. Protecting a map is simply corrupting the file, making it unable to be read by world editor but still able to run inside the game, so to make it simple you need the original file if you want to edit the map rather than the "unprotected" version of a protected map.

If you are knowledgeable enough you can indeed deprotect the map and restore the missing values (triggers mostly) terrain usually remains there while units or spells can still be extracted on their own then imported or remade from scratch. This is not rocket science but I will not explain how to do it because if you are more or less good editor you will be familiar with how things are done.

If you are truly, truly determined I can tell you making your own "The predator" is the best option and not so hard, spells are not super hard and there is not that many either. In fact if you make your own version of it you will see why its a bad idea to release an "open" version of it. Many maps came from a concept and its not fair to prevent people from releasing things like TDs, Arenas or even this just because the concept is the same...

Now asking for unprotected version of a map is usually not the way, you might have good intentions for the map but majority of people just want to "hack" the map give them bonuses, cheats or barely change it to call it their own. For this reason we see so many versions of certain maps, some are near impossible to find a non-hacked version every now and then. Legion TD is a perfect example of this, there are so many versions its not even funny.
The Predator like many others managed to stay "clean" even if it doesnt get new updates, it also runs in reforged so even better.

With all that said, I can only wish you good luck in your quest.