Searching for a really obscure RPG

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May 9, 2009
...That I played once, thought was awesome, then could never find again. It was ages ago and I can't remember the map's name, or have it sitting around on my computer as ive changed since then and not copied my library.... But if I can describe it hopefully someone will recognise it. Maybe.

So from what I can remember...
It was an RPG based around the idea of two teams fighting through dungeons to get to the middle of the map to fight each other. The game's terrain was set out in rectangles surrounded with a border of Boundary (the black stuff in WE terrain editor). It had saving/loading and players progressed through these squares of varying terrains to reach eachother while gaining levels and getting stronger + better items. It was really nice and polished, great spells, nice items with rarity system and all that. The left side of themap looked very roughly like this:

 ___|   __  __| 
|___   |__  __

The map was mirrored left to right. There were a lot more chambers than that, it's very rough, but hopefully it spikes someone's memory. The furthest left area was the base town. 3 sections aligned in each column, and perhaps 5 or 7 rows. Some areas were of different shape than others. The sides were not symmetrical but the difficulty of creeps scaled from easy to hard closer to the centre. The three chambers to the right of the left-team base were trolls and lizards in forest and some other creep on a wasteland terrain... Directly right and in the middle were Nagas... Each area had a mini-boss or boss that gave a rare item when dropped. I'm pretty sure the map version was <1.0 and may have progressed. thats all I can remember :(

It was a really nice map that I want to play again.. if anyone remembers something like it, can you please reply? Or maybe recommend another good obscure RPG to try. My friends and I are looking for something that is FINISHED and that we can play through to some kind of ending.
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