Searching for a map

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

I'm searching for a map that I remember was really good but I lost it. Maybe you know the map? Here are some info:

- I played the game early of TFT
- Not sure if it's ROC or TFT map
- Multi-player
- At least 4 player(not sure if more)
- There was a story and some cinematics
- The game started from a human cathedral
- There was at least one human town
- There was also some orc and elven towns
- The abilities were made of basic Blizzard abilities(not entirely sure)
- Creeps respawned
- There were some caves too
- Mostly the game was filled with different type of forests
- One character had Death and Decay spell(maybe it was the sorceress)
- There was some gates in the game and main quest line unlocked them
- The elven place was most likely the last town
- The last boss summoned some infernals

Rep for the one who knows this game.
Level 2
Jan 21, 2008
Try "Kaggz RPG - Shadows of Evil". It was a decent map, the version I have (1.20) had a few bugs in it and wasn't playable in Frozen Throne due to the hero level limit for killing creeps. Luckily, it was unprotected, so I just changed it. Apparently there's a 2.XX version out, but I haven't played it. This map has 5 total players. Check it out!
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