Looking for an old rpg map

Level 1
Jan 4, 2018
Hello everyone!
See me and a couple of old friends wants to play wc3 during the coming weeking. I'm looking for an old rpg map and i don't remember the name of it. Maybe some of you can remember the name from what I can tell of it?

So you'd start out in a city and as soon as you got in you'd run get a job the best ones were miner which was to the west inside the city or which if i remember correctly was to the south east. Then you'd get enough gold to buy basic equipment and go farm Bandits would be the first thing and you could find them north west of the city.
Later you'd pick a class and then go do quests and fight bosses around the map. End game would be to get prestige classes off special trainers out in the wilderness. Like Knight could become Dragoon or Death knight or a special Monk class if i remember correctly.

This map was pretty big and could take a few hours to complet it required several people a tank, healer and dps's to actually down some of the bosses.

For the life of me i can't remember what this map was called. I hope it rings a bell for some of you guys! As i would really like to play it with my friends this weekend.