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Looking for an old RPG map

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Nov 12, 2021
Hello there.
Looking for a map I played in 2009-2011. It's RPG map, several taverns at start somewhere in center of map and you pick a hero. One thing I remember here is that you have only some gold and no wood, and only one hero - big Monnoroch needs wood to be picked. I picked it only with cheats :)


Here is what I remember:
1. 3 or 4 alliance heroes on a rock where you can enter only by portal from place "2". Mountain king throws bolt with a long stun and Archimage throws rain immediately as you go there and you die)
2. Here is a Bloodmage protecting the portal to place "1". It was possible to kill.
3. Here is big void walker boss in a corner
4. Here is naga (siren or guardian) and sunken city biom.

There was a summer forest biom in center where you start.

Please help to find, I can't forget this map I played in childhood...
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