Looking for an RPG map

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Feb 15, 2018
Hi everyone,

I'm a long time wc3 player and I've gotten an itch to play again recently. Over the past two years I've gotten back into wc3 now and then because current rpgs are rough atm. The maps you guys recommend are always good choices. I've wanted to find this old rpg that I used to play. My old laptop used to have it downloaded, but was lost when my parents moved a few years ago. The past two weeks I've been trying to figure out what the map was called or how to find it. I spent about 2 hours last night going through the maps on Epicwars and looking at map designs to try and find it, but gave up about 100 pages in. The problem with this approach is some map developers don't always upload it as a "RPG" so I could be looking forever for something in another category. I don't really know where else to go to have a group of people help me find it. I never finished this rpg and it was always very interesting to me. Anyways I hope you guys can help and I'll try my best to describe with detail, keep in mind I played this probably 6+ years ago.

Map Description: RPG
Players: 1-4 (but could easily be more, don't exactly remember)
Start of Rpg: Was towards bottom left corner of the map. You choose your character of a few in a circle. Go down a path moving towards the right. There was a boat which took you to the first city, still on bottom part of the map but more towards middle now.

One thing I remember for certain: I played a standard looking wc3 necromancer model as one of the people to choose from.

First town: Turrets that were strong, and buildings were not standard wc3 model.

There were also mission in the town regarding bounties of creeps you killed I believe with bigger quests too.

SKILL UNIQUE POINT: In the first town, you could get skills and these skills had tiers and different elements, water, fire, dark (I think), etc. The first town had tier 1 skills. (possibly had a "time" based one)

UNIQUE REMEMBER POINT: each character has a "charge bar". This is the big thing I remembered about this game. Every characters charge bar did a different ability. I think the color was green/blue ish when filling.

First area out of town: going up a little bit, go into a darker, fog of war type area with gnolls. Ranged and melee. If kited back to town, the strong turrets would one shot (pretty sure).

Note on areas: I'm pretty sure each area had special quests to kill a "mini boss" I.e., the Sasquatch in area two, and big naga/Tidehunter (from dota allstars)
Next area: was more of a sandy/forest area I believe with trolls/bears.

Third area: was more to the right, but still bottom and had a windy part to it. It was a dusty/mountain design with harpies and sasquatches. This is one of the bigger quests, killing the bigger sasquatch and obtaining his meat, or head or something.

Fourth area: UP and to the right a little. This came to a sandy area and towards the second town.

SECOND TOWN: Had new quests and second tier skills. I still don't remember the currency or how you obtained the currency to acquire skills. Possibly by finishing quests? This area is still that naga/beach looking area.

Fifth area: Naga area. This is close to where the rpg gets more fuzzy in terms of my memory, but ill try my best to remember it. I think this had a medusa type mini boss.

Sixth area: north of area 5. still naga type monsters but they were bigger, like tidehunter in dota allstars. I also think they had a mini boss like the tide hunter.

Seventh area: This was more towards the left/middle of the map now. This had night elf druid and the other ranged night elf mobs, with the panthers I'm pretty sure. THIS AREA ALSO HAD A TELEPORTER. This lead into the next area, and I'm pretty sure it was involved with a big quest.

Eighth area: There may or may not be an area between this, but for lack of memory ill skip to the next town. After you finish one of the bigger quests, you join forces with some person and have to retake the Third town. You are on a beach, and heading up to what looks like a night elf type town. This part of the map was surrounded by water and was far left/middle. above where you initially start the game when you choose your character I believe. I also believe after going north above the third town, you could purchase a boat and travel the waters.

Third town: I believe this is where you could acquire the Third tier spells, and these spells were bad ass like I think they had a time based one? Anyways, these were awesome and hard to get from what I remember. This town lead north through a gate, and I believe they had mobs ranged and melee. Possibly night elf/that type.

That is about as far as I got back then in the RPG. Sadly my details aren't that clear, but if I saw the map I would instantly know if it was the one. I'm also not sure if the map was finished as I didn't finish the game itself, but there was possibly a big boss towards the end.

Possibly ending boss: (not sure if game was finished) He looked like Kil'jaeden from the wc3 storyline. and it was volcano/undead looking part of the map.

Again sorry guys, I'm trying my best here. Also I'm pretty new to this forum and didn't know where to post this to get the most exposure. If you guys have any recommendations, please let me know. It's actually killing me that I can't find this game.


Alright guys here is a MS paint of the rpg...to an extent. Disclaimer: I'm a fking terrible artist and this is not drawn to proportions, but to give an idea. If the link doesn't work, you should be able to just copy/paste it into the web. Also formatting could've been better.
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Nov 12, 2007
Hello EnvyGeorge! Welcome to the Hive :)

Since this introduction is more of a "looking for a map" kind of thread, I renamed it to something more fitting to get the attention of someone who might know the map, and moved it to our forum where we discuss maps.

Good luck finding your map, hopefully you can find it in our map section.
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Feb 15, 2018
Hi guys, So i was browsing youtube in sadness not being able to find the rpg and randomly typed in "wc3 rpg charge bar" and scrolled for about 10 minutes and found something that looked familiar. Turns out I ended up finding the rpg. It's called "Dark Invasion" the version i played was from 2007 when it first came out, and it wasn't finished. When I first saw gameplay i instantly knew it was the game i was looking for. Surprisingly the picture, and description of the map was pretty accurate even for being 10+ years ago. Thanks for everyone who looked at my post and to the moderator who moved it into this section!