ScreenShot Files Missing

Level 1
Oct 4, 2006
I've been playing WoW now for about a year and a half and in all that time I've been taking screenshots but i've never had time to go through all the ones that I THOUGHT I took. So recently I went to my WoW folder to look for the ScreenShot folder to go through some of my screenshots. For some reason the "screenshot" folder for my copy of WoW does not exist. I've gone over to various friend's houses and looked at their WoW folder to see if they have the "screenshot folder" all of them did. When I asked GM's and fellow players why I would be missing the folder I was told to just look again. Would anyone know where those files would alternatively go (they had to be saved somewhere) if they weren't saved in the screenshot folder, and why I wouldn't have it in the first place (I reinstalled multiply times to see if it was just a glitch the first, it wasn't).