Scimitar Attachment & Scimitar Item

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While working on my Lizardman model, i came across the unfinished version of this sword. It was ''hidden'' somewhere in a file where it didn't belong into. As a part of the work was already done and the rest wouldn't be difficult nor take much time, i decided to finish it before the lizardman. Well, this is is now! A saracenian scimitar, like those shown in many movies. Can also be used as an additional extra for my Haradrim models. It's just a regular scimitar, not a special enchanted blade or such.

By downloading this ressource you receive 2 models: the actual model (Scimitar.mdx) is the attachment version (for both hands). The portrait file is the item version of it and should be imported as ''ScimitarItem.mdx'', not as ...._portrait.mdx! It's not a real portrait!

Feel free to use both models in any imaginable way, including editing, if desired. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun with them! :wink:

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EDIT 1: though approved in the past, i decided to update the model so that it fits into the New Hive's rules. It now has a death anim. At the end of the death anim it disappears. I intentionally made the death anim be nearly as long as the death plus dissipate anim from heroes, so that it doesn't disappear akwardly during the wielder's death.

Scimitar (Icon)

Scimitar Attachment (Model)

Scimitar Item (Model)

Misha 15th May 2013 Moderator's Review: cool sword, approved
Level 5
May 13, 2013
Very useful attachment. I like attachments, you attach them to people, normal people. I like it. You also use swords to cut fish, fish from water, fresh fish.