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SC/WC Logo/Banner Requests

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Level 9
Dec 17, 2008

The purpose of this thread is for map makers to request simple banner or logo images using the familiar text from the Starcraft and Warcraft series in a quick and easy manner. To request a logo, simply "fill out" the form below with the necessary information, and wait for a private message with the completed work. There is no guaranteed delivery time, I guarantee it.

Notice: These are simple to complete; no banner/logo/etc will have more than 10 minutes spent on it at the most. If you are looking for something more complex, do not request such a resource in this thread.

If your logo request is too complex or just stupid, it will be ignored. It will be... it will be.

Text Type:
Title Color (optional!):
Title Positioning:
Title Size:
Author Color (optional!):
Author Positioning:
Background Color (or none):
Background Effect (if any):
Image Size: #p x #p 
Misc. Details: 
File Type (PNG, JPEG, TGA):

Text Type: Starcraft
Title: 9,001 Zerglings
Title Color (optional!): Red
Title Positioning: Top Left
Title Size: Medium
Author: Xenostalker
Author Color (optional!): Blue
Author Positioning: Bottom Right
Background Color: Black
Background Effect: Fade Out Black -> White
Image Size: 500 x 500
Misc. Details: Center position text (white) "Can you survive against over 9,000 zerglings in yet another zergling invasion map?"
File type: JPEG

(Title sizes: small = takes up a partial part of the image; medium = takes up about half of the image; large = title fit to entire image)

For more examples of my work, check out the "Logo Work" album in my profile!
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