Bajirao Mastani's Logo Request

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Aug 9, 2016
Bajirao Mastani's Logo Request


I need a logo picture for my upcoming Human and Night Elf Campaign. Even though it works in progress.

Here are the requirements:

- 512x512 pixels in size
- Icon must be saved in TGA format
- The text "Bajirao Mastani" is required, and is to be centered in the logo
- Logo is preferable to be based on the Warcraft 3 logo
- Themes and artwork used must look and feel like it is Warcraft 3 art
- All themes, borders, and pictures are to resemble the Humans or the Night Elves, especially in the respect of their bond to nature or magic (eg. armor, sword, arrow, green or yellow magics, etc.)
- You are to use Humans and Night Elves colors in the logo (blue or teal)
- No pictures of any characters is required

You should find plenty of inspiration for ideas on Internet (or even Bajirao Mastani or WOW). If you can't find any, let me know and I'll give you some pictures.

DUE DATE: 31st May 2017


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