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Save / Load Trigger

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Level 3
Feb 12, 2008
Hi , help me with my curiousity please =)

Example , there are 2 maps , Map A and Map B.If i put the save / load trigger into both Map A and Map B and if i save a hero / unit in Map A , is it possible that we are able to load the saved hero / unit from Map A in Map B

Well due to the maximum size of EPIC ( which i think is still small ) i wish to create 2 maps and allowing players to load and save their heroes / units so that it is like an extended world.Kinda useful for RPGs =)
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
Depends on which system you use
Well it should work correctly if your heroes-items-abilities have same rawcodes in both maps

Well NewGen allows you to make maps 480x480
Or you can make your units-items smaller so your map will look bigger
Level 29
Jul 29, 2007
Since save/load codes use item rawcodes (I think... im sure... I am right... :huh: lol), you'll need every raw code in your maps to be similiar.

If you don't know what rawcodes are, press Ctrl+D in the object manager, all the names will be converted into rawcodes.

So, if for example you make a custom footman as your first custom unit, his rawcode will be h000, you will need him to have the h000 also in the second map.
This goes for any unit/item/ability/{everythingInTheObjectManager}.
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