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Saga Ruins

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Level 34
Nov 24, 2007
This is my third installment of the Pirate Island template I am working on, this time previewing some old ruins made by the followers of the Saga, a dark and gothic like human movement who oppose the more pirate/seamen like humans the story is mostly about. I've also thrown in a overview picture, so you can see how much still remains to be done, and get some "proportion" sense of where the different spots are as comparred to each other.

Hope you like it,
- comments and critique is
always heartily welcome :)


  • Saga WIP.jpg
    Saga WIP.jpg
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  • Saga WIP2.jpg
    Saga WIP2.jpg
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  • Saga WIP3.jpg
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  • Saga Overview.jpg
    Saga Overview.jpg
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Level 34
Nov 24, 2007
Thank you, and well that arch isn't actually a work of genious, the doodad simply is like that :p
- If you are referring to the one where the waterfall comes out.

Also, for rephrance sake, the clipping of the fence in picture 3 is caused by camera problems, it isn't clipped like that in reality.
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